Extra Nutty

AHHHHHHHH! The Seahawks are going to the SUPERBOWL! OMG. Can you believe it? Did you watch it? I woke up this morning and almost pinched myself.



 Seattle just erupted with cheer when Sherman intercepted that throw on Sunday evening. I am sure there was a Beast Quake at that point.


Basically when the 12th man roars, there is a mini earthquake that happens in Seattle. That is pretty badass. I wish I was at that game, but sitting on a couch in a warm house was pretty nice too!

Before we went over to a friends house, I had to watch the end of the Broncos vs. Patriots game. Go Broncos!

011 012

The essentials. The football n’ beer.


The crew. Minus me.

014 017 018

My beautiful mother and I.


Clearly the NFC Champions!

Yes, there was a lot of hate against Sherman this morning. But hey, it is what it is and get over it. There is so much that we don’t know about the beef.

This is going to be the longest eleven days until the Superbowl on February  2, 2014. Can you believe that Superbowl tickets can cost $10k? Damnit, I wish I was a rich bitch.

Thanks to yours truly, we are hosting the Superbowl party. Obviously, I CAN NOT WAIT. We are already brainstorming food and drink ideas. Well, drink ideas is easy. Beer. Food….is another story. We are thinking of putting together a taco bar!


Pretty easy to put together and everyone can bring something. Any ideas?

I am on baking duty. Mini cupcakes or football cookies are in order.


These look perfect. The recipe looks simple enough. I am sure I’ll figure something out.

Football will be on the brain until the Superbowl. Seattle will be going nuts until then. I’ll be extra nutty.

Please tell me you are going for the Hawks.

Any fun recipe ideas for the Superbowl?

XO, Tara



  1. I think a taco bar sounds fantastic. One of my Superbowl must haves are crockpot meatballs! We’ll probably also do chips/guacamole/salsa and maybe some chicken fingers.
    Also, did you hear fireworks where you are? We watched the game at our local Outback and when we left and when we got home we could hear fireworks in all different directions. I told the hubby to hold off and save our fireworks till Superbowl Sunday!

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