What Does Your Snack Say About You?

Everyone has their favorite snack. Whether it is something sweet, salty, spicy, savory, crunchy or a combination. Personally, I prefer the combination of sweet and salty together. A dangerous combination. But, I also enjoy dips like hummus, guacamole or salsa.



Is this for real? That is impressive!

I came across this article when searching for Superbowl snack ideas. Superbowl is a time when most of us eat a little too much and have a little too much to drink. But hey, it happens once a year and you’re allowed to get wild n’ crazy.

Ok, back to the article. Have you ever wondered what your favorite snack says about you? Check it out!

Apparently, since I typically choose chips and dip that means I like things simple. That is on the money.


It is easy to put together and to clean up. I’m not into the whole lets cook n’ cook n’ cook for a party. I’m all about sticking to dips, chips, cheeses, veggies, popcorn, etc.  Yummies like that. You can make your snacks healthier by adding veggies or fruit and pairing it with ranch, peanut butter or hummus. Then you don’t have to completely ruin your diet.

For our Superbowl party to cheer on the Seahawks; we’ll be putting together a number of these kinds of snacks and having a taco bar. Then everyone can make their own taco combinations and bring sides that they enjoy. Again, easy yet effective.


Our Taco Bar will consist of:

Soft and hard tortillas- white and wheat

Ground Turkey

A variety of cheeses

Guacamole- and lots of it.




Hot Sauce!


Tequila? Haha

Mini football shaped chocolate cookies for dessert!

And whatever else our friends want to bring n’ share! 😀

I CANNOT wait to start purchasing more Seahawks decorations!


This is what I need. 

If you were having a taco bar, what would you bring?

Are you hosting or going to a Superbowl party?

XO, Tara



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