The Name On Your Cup of Joe.

Seattle is the founder of Starbucks and possibly the worst spellers when it comes to a person’s name. Just kidding. Typically when you order a drink (in store) they ask for your name to add to your cup. How many times is it actually spelled correctly? For me, like 20 percent of the time. Tara can be spelled as Tera, Terra, Tara, Tarrah, Tiera. So I don’t feel to bad.

Check out this site for the funniest misspelled names at Starbucks. Hey I know you’re in a hurry writing down our complicated drinks, but come on some of these are just plain wrong and hilarious!



I am sure that half of these were done on purpose which makes it funnier.


Okay, that one is legit. Haha.

You may also enjoy this list.

Or this.

Ok one more….

LOL. I had fun looking at all of these.

My step brother’s gf always gives her bf’s name when she is asked for her name. It always turns heads or raises an eyebrow. She doesn’t want any creepers knowing her name. I understand that. My dad has also given the name “Tito” too. I always look at him with a strange face when he pulls that one.

Does your coffee shop spell your name correctly?

Have you seen any of these mistakes before?

Do you give a false name?

**Note: I am not trying to be negative at all about baristas or Starbucks employees. This purely just for fun! 😉 **

Have a great Friday Eve!

XO, Tara



  1. I am SO offended…JUST KIDDING!! These are sooooo good, I actually NEVER write names on one at my store does. I’ve done it maybe twice total when it was HELLA BUSY..and even then I spelled the name back to the person just to be sure. I refuse to be THAT barista! HAAH!

  2. My stage name is Onomat. That way when they mispronounce and/or misspell it, it’s not actually my name that they are butchering.

    Since Ima Dolphins fan, I have no dog in the SB fight, so Ima rooting for the Seahawks since Ima huge PNW fan. Which begs the question . . . how have I overlooked the PNWRunner up til now?!?

    Rock On! (and bring me a White Chocolate Mocha)

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