A Mosh Pit Kind of Weekend.

Good morning! How was your weekend? The sun was shinning here in Seattle all weekend. It was absolutely glorious. I actually regretted not having my sunglasses in my car.

The weekend begun on a tired note. I told you that Friday was going to be a long long day. Boy it was! My step dad and I went to help my mom with a fundraiser for children at her school that was held at NW Ariels. Basically our job was to supervise the children. We were split up to watch certain areas. My station= The foam mosh pit. Please kill me.

I have never yelled, “no running, diving, throwing foam cubes, digging” so many times in my life. Honestly, my throat hurt by the end of the evening. The other people there were laughing at me that this was my kind of “birth control.” Basically referencing that this is why I will never have kids or work with kids on a regular basis. It is just stressful!

After getting home at 10pm and physically and mentally exhausted, all of us needed a giant beer (or wine for mom) to relax.


Saturday began with a Power Hour Flybarre session with mom. She loved even more the 2nd time around. I see this becoming a regular occurrence on Saturday mornings.

Once we returned home, it was time to shower and go look at houses with dad. We found one that I approved and it is nearby and close to my new job. House hunting can be so difficult!

I munched on a Pure Protein bar. So good!

IMG_3307[1] IMG_3308[1]

I also gave blood on our way home too. I forgot to capture a picture….Mom and I saw the Puget Sound Blood bus on the way to Flybarre. I felt obligated to give back and give blood!

To celebrate my new job, we went to Paddy Coynes!


Delicious food n’ beer!


Have you watched Captain Phillips? Great movie. I highly recommend it.


Sunday was a whirl wind! Worked in the am, hiked in the pm, and watched the Grammy’s. I was dead tired!


Just a sneak peek!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Did you spend time outside?

XO, Tara



  1. OK so when we hangout, we should totally go hiking!! Your area has some legit places!! I always wish I could hop into your photos!!

    I don’t do kids..I just..don’t. I have a very loud voice and I don’t hesitate to use it hahaha.

  2. Kids, I have a nephew, another step-nephew, my God both at the same time are so haaaard! Is not that I don’t want kids, but currently I don’t have patience!

    Captain Phillips is reaaaally! I saw it last week 😉

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