Work Your Core

Good morning!

Despite having a terrible headache yesterday, I managed to get through a challenging core workout. I think my headache was caused by a combination of muscle tension and stress. I literally sat around most of the day like a bump on a log. Caught up on Vanderpump Rules and Bakery Boss.


After two episodes of Bakery Boss, I wasn’t to bake some brownies or cupcakes! Sadly, I didn’t get to it.

After hours of laying on the couch, hydrating and stretching my neck I decided to head to the gym. I did a 60 minutes on the elliptical and caught up on  Dexter on Netflix and followed it with a core workout.


I just made this one up on the fly. I love plank exercises, because they target a variety of muscle groups. upper lower

Overall, the plank provides benefits from head to toe. Tell me another exercise that targets this many muscle groups! Maybe everyone’s favorite exercise known as the burpee? HAHA.

Am I the only one that takes planking seriously? I mean, I enjoy kicking ass and improving on my planks day by day. Who wouldn’t right? A few seconds better than yesterday is better than nothing. It just shows improvement!

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How Many Plank Jacks Can You Do In 1 Minute?

What is your favorite core workout? Planks?

Do you like burpees?

What kind of workout are you doing today?

XO, Tara



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