How Do I Love Thee?

Oh it’s Wednesday. Such a wonderful day, just a few more days until Friday and 4 days until the Super bowl!!!! 

Super bowl Sunday cannot come soon enough. I may wear blue and green the rest of the week. Actually, I will do it. Seahawks baby!

Enough about this upcoming Sunday, let’s chat about last Sunday. I mentioned on Monday, that a friend and I hiked Rattlesnake ledge. We could not have picked a better day to hike! The weather was absolutely marvelous. I couldn’t believe the weather. It must have been 50-55 degrees…and remember it is January!!!!!

012The hike was packed beyond belief due to the fact that it was the weekend and the weather was remarkable, but we made the best of it.



Jealous much?

Did I mention that I over dressed? Holy moly, I was sweating.


Love seeing all the luscious trees. 

010 016

What a view!

This view just makes me remember why I love the PNW! The nature, mountains, views, the smell, the crisp clean air and gorgeous hikes. I don’t think I could ever move out of the area.

PNW- I love you. I will never leave you! 🙂

When was the last time you hiked?

Do you like to hike? Or what is your favorite outdoor activity?

Do you live in the PNW?

XO, Tara



  1. Go Hawks! And wow I have to get out and hit up Rattlesnake Ridge!, that looks amazing.

    Last time I hiked was Yellow Aster Butte a couple of years ago (sadly), I want to get back out sooo bad…

    Yep, King county resident 😉

  2. Yeeey! I’m from the Eastside! Hubby, dog and I already hiked Rattlesnake twice this January, during the terrible inversion that had us in 35F fog while at the top of the Ledge it was well over 50… I’m so happy I found your blog. My favorite hike in our area is Poo Poo point in Issaquah. This area is a dream for hiking and being outside in general, we’re really blessed… Even if it rains – it means super clean air and green 365 days/year.

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