Common Triathlon Q&A’s

Woohoo itz BLUE Friday!!!

Only two more days left until the SUPERBOWL!!!! Way too excited for words….

Since January is known for resolutions, I thought I would talk a little bit about Triathlons.

Ever since I completed a Triathlon last year, I’ve been getting more questions about how to prepare for a Triathlon. Note: I am not a pro-triathlete by any means. I just enjoy training and competing in a variety of races and Triathlons happen to be one of them.

Here some of the most common questions I get asked about Triathlons are:

1. What do I wear? Do I wear the same outfit for the entire race? Personally, I choose to wear the same outfit throughout the entire race. This helps lower my transition times (see below). I don’t want to worry about having to change into a new top or etc. If you do want to change, I recommend light and breathable clothing. I wear a dry fit tank and Lululemon dry fit running shorts. **Note: In some swims, having a wet suit is necessary! I’ve worn one in the past.


Obviously, I didn’t wear the goggles or cap during the entire race.

2. What do I bring?

Here is my list:


Baby powder






Shoes (running/biking)

Protein bar

Towel* very important


Swim cap

Race Bib and belt

Water bottle


Bag to throw everything into

3. Should I train in the open water or just the pool? I would recommend both. Open water gives you an idea of what it will be like during the race, plus you’ll get to battle some waves too!

4. How do I set up my area in the transition area? First off, I try to be at the event super early so that I can scope out the best area to set out my gear. I typically try to be on the end of the bike racks, easier for a speedy exit. Once I find my area, I set out my towel and begin placing out the items that I’ll be grabbing for frantically throughout the race. I lay out my socks, fill them with some baby powder and put my shoes next to them. I place my helmet on my bike, put my water bottle in the holder and I set out my race belt with my number attached. I keep my swim cap and goggles in hand for the first leg of the race.


Literally putting baby powder in my socks.

5. What are transition times? The time in between events. Such as swim to bike or bike to run. This is the time when things can get quite frantic and chaotic. Once I get out of the water, I start tearing off my goggles and swim cap (or wet suit).


Literally in the moment, grabbing my bike to head out!

6. Can I use a mountain bike? Yes of course! For every Triathlon to date, I have used a mountain bike. I added slick tires to mine to help with speed. I ended up purchasing a road bike a few days after my last Triathlon.


Overall if you are deciding to do a Triathlon, make sure to have fun! Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t worry about having killer transition times, just make sure to grab your shoes or bib! 🙂

You can read about my Triathlon experience from last year here.

What questions do you have?

Have you done a Triathlon? Ironman? Half-Ironman?

What tips do you have for me?

XO, Tara

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  1. I’d love to do a triathlon but I’m not the strongest swimmer! Do you have any tips for people who are weak swimmers? Also, I’m not a fan of open water, and I would kind of need to overcome that fear (I actually just had a nightmare about swimming with fish the other night, lol). Any tips on how to overcome your fear of open water would be great, but I know that’s probably a tall order.

    • Honestly, my first tip would be to get into a pool and start swimming. Start off with 1-2 laps and add more as you get stronger. Also, try using a kick board. It will help you gain strength in your legs for kicking. Starting off slow and adding time or laps as you go would be the best way to become a better swimmer. I am not the biggest swimmer either. As far as the fear part, when you are doing the swim, remember that there are lifeguards there to make sure you are safe. Practice will help too!

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