Just Pin-It

I took a major break from Pinterest. I cannot count the hours (probably adding up to days) that I spent on Pinterest searching for nail designs, recipes, hair colors, DYI, etc. By the way, if you aren’t already check out my Pinterest page.

Pinterest is a marvelous website for finding new ideas for whatever your heart/mind desires. I cannot believe the boards that people have developed. I mean you can find Pinterest boards for crazy cat ladies. 

I try to stick to the basics: Hair, Fitness, Recipes, Inspirations and Running. Many of the items that I’ve pinned I’ve actually done. I’ve tried to change my hair to match and idea that I thought would be awesome. Then again, I tend to go through phases where I want to make a dramatic change and I find myself on Pinterest searching for the WOW feature.

87921a04d175e3c0ef8e3ed65a1b3703This was one of them. Pretty when curly, not so much when straight or in a pony tail.

Or this…


Again, I liked this one, but my hair isn’t long or thick enough to pull it off.

So I stick to what I know and love.


Something similar to this. I love the different chunks of blonde here and there.

Other than hair styles, I find myself pinning recipes like there is no tomorrow.


I actually made this for the Superbowl. You cannot go wrong with a two ingredient recipe. Actually, you probably can, but this isn’t one of them. It is perfection with sour cream and taco seasoning. 

I made a variation of these last week. Whoever thought that Bisquick could be an ingredient in cookies.


They turned out pretty tasty though.


Here’s the final product from my variation. They may not look exactly the same and the picture quality may not be nearly as good, but they were eaten.

This has been calling my name….


Avocado, spinach and goat cheese…yes please!

I think you get the idea that Pinterest is a black hole. Way to many ideas to wrap your brain around without getting a serious headache.

What have you been pinning lately?

Do you get sucked in like me?

Have you actually done anything that you’ve pinned? I.e., hair designed, recipes or DYI?

BTW, it is Friday. What a glorious day it is!

XO, Tara



Thursday already? What happened to the week? I think since I’ve been battling a cold the whole week has been a blur. Add learning litigation and I don’t know where my brain is at…lost in litigation land.


A land full of Court Rules, Civil Procedures, Interrogatories, Discovery, Depositions, Declarations, Experts, Case schedules, etc. I’ll spare you the details.

I feel like my head is spinning. BUT, it is a good thing if that makes sense. I love to learn!


Ok, let’s switch gears and talk about some fun stuff!

I often visit Ashley’s blog at MyFoodandFitnessDiaries.com and she had a post about what she was currently loving. What a great idea to share with others your favorite book, show, workout, nail color, clothing, food, etc.

Who doesn’t want to find something new?  So I am going to jump on the wagon and share what I am currently loving!

Current TV Show:

Dexter.  I am currently finishing up Season 7. OMG is all I have to say.


Current Book:

Wild by Cheryl Strayed.


It has been an on going struggle to finish this book. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t bad at all. It is a great book, but I’ve been having a hard time going between watching Dexter and reading.

Current Nail Color:

Fiore by Julep.


Current Food:

More like snack. I will never get enough of the Quest bars.


Current Entertainment: 

These guys.


History of Rap 5 by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Please watch this if you haven’t. Too hilarious and perfect.

Current Song:


Current drink:

It is a adult beverage.  Bellevue Brewery has the best IPA. A true favorite.


Currently Excitement:

Learning and becoming a Paralegal. I cannot emphasize how stoked I am. 😀


Now that I’ve shared what I am loving right meow…

What are you loving?

Favorite song, food, drink, workout, book or TV show?

What are you looking forward to this week?

Happy Friday Eve!

XO, Tara

OWW- Volume 11

Ick, another two months have gone by without a One Word Wednesday post. Sorry Wednesdays, I do love thee. Wednesday always makes me think about the famous GEICO Camel commercial. Well done GEICO, but I still won’t sign up…

I know that I’ve told you many times about what OWW entails, but here it is yet again. Refreshers are always great.

 Lindsay at Lindsay’s List, hosts One Word Wednesday. The only rule of “One Word Wednesday” is that you must label your pictures with one word. Sounds fun right? Heck yes! Sometimes finding one word to describe a picture is hard; you are allowed to do the #hashtag style.











Overall, I can’t wait to see Gravity on Saturday night with my mom and step-dad. I’ve been waiting for way to long!!!

On another note, since beginning my new job, I’ve found myself drawn to coffee more and more each day. I haven’t pin pointed the reason yet, but it’s tasty.  I finally found the coffee mugs today after two weeks.  Wow, I can’t believe it took me that long. I’ve been living with paper cups.

I decided to register for the Seattle Marathon 10k. I did this race last year and absolutely loved it. It was a high paced flat run!

That’s all I have for you on this sunny Wednesday. Have a great day!

XO, Tara

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A Sickly Time.

Here come the sniffles! “sniff, sniff!” Dang, I thought that I ready went through this. Oh wait, I did back in December! Luckily, I think I’ve come down with a head cold instead of the whole smack you on your ass flu/death.


I hope I am not the only one who sees a smile faced Kleenex box?!

Saturday I woke up with a sore throat and that overall nasty feeling. I toughed it out thought, but probably did too much. Took Flybarre, ran errands and celebrated my step brother coming home for like a total of 3 hours.

When I woke up Sunday, I felt pretty terrible. My eyes were tired and watery and my body just hurt. So what do you do when you feel like poop….lay on the couch all day and watch trashy TV! 😀

I’ll accept that diagnosis.

I caught up on my Vanderpump Rules Reunion part dos and a whole lot of Teen Mom Specials. Yes, I am that girl who watches Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. It makes for good TV to watch when you feel crappy.

I hate that when you don’t feel good you have no appetite. I drank alot of water and snacked on a Questbar, but I knew I needed more.


Oatmeal. That’s whats for dinner. Later I snacked on from froyo.


Recycled pic from last week.

My froyo looked pretty similar to this though. I devoured that while the family and I watched Runner Runner.


Wasn’t too bad. Got a weee bit confusing in the middle, but the eye candy was worth it. Followed that movie with an episode of Dexter (OMG) in bed then called it a night.

Woke up Monday feeling a little better, but not so much. But hey, I made it through the day. I think I’ve been going to hard lately and it caught up with me. Note to self, “Slow down and enjoy life.” Easier said than done, but I am working on it.

Confessions: Third Edition

I have some confessions to make on this glorious Friday. Confessions regarding my habits both good and bad. I was reading Annette’s blog where she was revealing her habits and it inspired me to share mine. Sharing good and bad habits can be a relief. For me, it takes a weight off my shoulders knowing that I am not perfect and I seriously have some flaws.

I’ll start with my “good” habits.

1.  Fitness is a huge part of my life if you haven’t figured that out already. I am always looking into new workouts from fellow bloggers as well as at the gym. I may not be a fitness guru or personal trainier, but I enjoy trying out new activities. Working out is a habit that I enjoy pursing everyday. This is something that I’ve been doing for years and it acts as a stress reliever. I always feel better after a good ass kicking workout.

2. I do not procrastinate. I always want to get things done immediately. Putting anything off just gives me anxiety. I’ve known this for many many years.

3. I stick to a schedule. This can be good and bad at the same time. I prefer scheduling my time, because it makes me more organized. I make lists on lists on lists and cross items off when they are completed. Staying on top of things is very important in both my personal and work life.

Sadly, yes there are some bad habits.

1. Perfection. Over the years, I’ve become much better at understanding that I have more to learn and that I will not be perfect. This has helped me with hearing constructive criticism and learning new items. I am working on this even more since beginning my new job!

2. Getting gas. Yes this has nothing to do with the fitness world, but I hate getting gas. I think I got this from my mama, because we always take about how much we hate going to the gas station. Mother like daughter.

3. Withholding my emotions. Yes, this happens. I try to hold in my emotions, hoping that they will go away. Sadly, they don’t and the issue only gets worse. I’ve been working on expressing my feelings more when they are present and figuring out how to handle them.


Wow, this has helped me remember what I need to continue to work on. Bad habits take time to break down and eventually they can turn into good habits! It also shows how strong you can be mentally over time.

What are your good or bad habits?

How do you resolve your bad habits?

Do you procrastinate?

Here are some of my previous confessions:

Confessions: First Edition

Confessions: Second Edition

XO, Tara





Stomping Grounds

Yesterday I began thinking more about all of the upcoming races that I am committed to along with those that I am in a limbo. It quite obvious that I haven’t been stomping the pavement like I should be and I am mad at myself and mother nature for that. Mostly just mad at myself, I could get out there in the down pour, suck it up and run….but I don’t. I prefer not to ruin my iphone (heaven forbid)or run with soaking wet shoes.

Wait, but there is a alternative called the treadmill. HA, spare me. I’d rather not.

Since the treadmill isn’t on my radar most of the time, I started to remember all of the great places where I enjoy the scenery. The better the scenery the better the run. The scenery doesn’t change while on the treadmill, you only can watch other sweaty people pass in front of you so many times…..


The Greenlake loop. Such a great area to people watch while running, plus you can run the 3.2 mile loops many times!

I try to take advantage of running up the Rattlesnake trail since it incorporates some elevation and I can work on running up hills! You can never go wrong there. Plus the view is spectacular!


That view is worth the struggle.


The Eastlake Sammamish trail is great because it is hard pack gravel.


Less impact on the knees and you can see the lake the entire way.


A loop around Beaverlake is my go to route. I enjoy it because I can go in and out of house divisions and explore new roads.

009 (2)

I explored a new road a little so far and found a fantastic hill (sarcasm)


What a perfect view of Beaverlake. I have the opportunity to swim in this lake during the Beaverlake Triathlon.


Oh hey Kasa! The Soaring Eagle trails are great for mixing up training. There’s a variety of trails that are flat and hilly!

I also enjoy running on the Burke-Gilman trail in Redmond. It is a wonderful flat and paved trail that goes from Redmond to Bothell. You can easily run up to 20 miles round trip! Definitely perfect for speed work!

As I reflect on all of the fabulous routes in my area, I cannot wait for Spring to come (minus the rain). I am looking forward to warmer weather and longer days! I’ll have an extra hour each day to use as needed (hopefully for running). 

I am grateful to be able to get out and run in different areas. No one likes to do the same route over and over. Unless you like the constant repetition.

Do you have some go to running routes?

How often do you find a new place to run?

Outdoors or indoor running?

XO, Tara

Better Snacking Habits

First off I want to wish my mom and step dad a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Love you two!

Now onto the main course…

Lately, I’ve been trying to better about my snacking. I’ve come to terms that I am drawn to salty snacks. I tend to gravitate to veggie chips, sweet potato chips, pita chips…see a common denominator? Chips on chips on chips. But they are soooooo tasty. 

Since having a heart to heart with my stomach and brain, I decided to take a break from the salty snacks and try adding more “healthier” snacks.

Here is what I am loving right meow. 

007Ok, if you haven’t tried these yet then you are missing out. I NEVER thought I’d eat anything that had the word “pea” in it. Way too addicting! Like the bag says, it is a good source of fiber. High five to that yo. 


I am back on my naner’s kick! Since I started Flybarre in January, I’ve been getting more charlie horses in my feet which means I need more potassium. I’ve been trying to consume one a day along with adding a potassium supplement. It has been working quite well.


Ok, I fell for the salt. I needed it. Hence the pretzels…but I limit myself to just a handful! They are too damn good.


Duh, we cannot forget my favorite Quest bar. I have to get some protein in during lunch! You cannot go wrong with 21g of protein. Nom Nom Nom….


I discovered Kashi crunch cereal recently. I don’t eat cereal often, instead I just add it to yogurt. But, this cereal is great by the handfuls. They are great just like Puffins!


Puffins are theeee best. You can add them to yogurt, eat as cereal or plain. I’ve done all three. Plus, there are different flavors like peanut butter! I prefer to add puffins to my evening froyo dish.


I spy puffins, granola, cashews, walnuts and Greek yogurt. Yum!

Do you like froyo?

What are your favorite add-ins?

What have you been craving recently?

XO, Tara