Biggest Game of the Year

Five hours and 35 minutes until the biggest game of the year for Seahawks fans begins. How many people actually got some sleep last night?

Ughh, way too much excitement. 😀



Where will you be in 5 hours and 35 minutes? I wish I could have made the very expensive trip to the Superbowl.

My hairstylist was certain that she would get a text from me saying that I had to cancel my appointment, because I was on my way to the big game. Sadly no…I don’t make enough moola to afford that trip. However, the next time the Seahawks go, I WILL BE GOING. It is a once in a lifetime experience!


Heck yes! I cannot tell you how many rally’s I’ve seen over the past week. Basically, amazing. The 12th man is loud n’ proud.



Pretty darn cool. I’d love to apart of this one day. Schools all over Washington were getting together to form the 12.

Did you hear that the Superbowl ad’s this year nearly doubled in cost? Holy crap, seriously? They better be good!

Will you catch the Puppy Bowl? I’ve never seen it before, but all the pups look uber cute!

Here’s the line up if you want to make your picks ahead of time!

What do you look forward to the most on Superbowl Weekend?

Puppy Bowl or Super Bowl?

Seahawks or Broncos? You know what the answer is! 😉


XO, Tara

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  1. As much as I love the puppies and just dogs in general I only flip it over in awe and then I get bored, so the super bowl for me it is! I usually really look forward to the superbowl, we always throw a nice party at home! But being at school I’ll be watching while studying for a test, booo but can’t wait to watch the game and the commercials!

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