A New Door Opens

Happy Birthday to the best Dad that a girl could ever have. He is my rock and best friend. Tonight, we will celebrate along with a friend of ours. We will toast to his birthday and my newest news.

I thought that this would be a good way to introduce the fact that it is official. <—–This girl got a new job! 😀

Recently, I’ve hinted that something was going on, but didn’t completely open up. I wanted to keep it on the down low until the time was right.  After three years, it was time for a change. I had to choose to leave.


Ohh I said the dreadful word: Change. 

I am not one that likes change, so this was a big deal for me.


Ultimately, I needed to leave and go somewhere where I could make a difference. I want to feel important, appreciated and heard.  I want to grow with a company, make changes, learn new skills and be apart of a stress (ish) free environment.

Sadly, I will leave so many people who I have adored working with. This is the biggest bummer when it comes to making a change. Leaving others behind.

Fortunately, my new position is very close to my current residence. No more traffic, stress, accidents, pay for parking or the long commute! I’ll be saving two hours everyday. Two whole hours.

Leaving me with more time for marathon training, running, baking, spending time with friends, hiking, sleeping, etc.



Some days, I wish that I could just sleep all day. Obviously shows that I have been deprived in the sleep department. A girl needs her sleep or the royal nasty comes out.

On another note. Are you going to the Seahawks Celebration Parade tomorrow?!?! If not, then you should. It is going to be a good ol’ time. Thankfully, I just have to walk outside my work door to join in on the fun! Yippeee!

Here is the map for reference.


If you go, remember to be safe. There are thousands of people coming out to show their appreciation for the Seahawks Superbowl win!

Are you going to the Seahawks Parade?

When was the last time you made the jump to change jobs?

What are you looking forward this week?

XO, Tara

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  1. Congratulations on a new job! The commute sounds amazing. I only commute 30-40min and sometimes when I’m annoyed, I remind myself it could be much worse.
    My coworkers just left for the parade. It sounds SO fun, but I don’t have the patience for those sorts of crowds and chaos, and I’m out of vacation time anyways.
    Have fun!!

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