Confessions: Second Edition

Woah, it is Wednesday already?! Before we know it, Friday smack us in the face!

It has been about a month since I’ve shared some of my latest confessions. 

1. I’ve come to terms that I work too much. I know it is possible to be a workaholic….I think I’ve crossed that line. I got a 2nd job at Flywheel so that I could save some extra funds to put in my savings, but with my newest job, I probably will not need to rely on this as much or at all. However, I feel bad cutting back on my hours.

I keep trying to tell myself, “Tara- You need a break, more time, more time to spend on yourself, your workouts, training, socializing, possible bf?” <—- hahaha nothing is even on the radar on the boy department…(probably due to the fact that I work too much) Ugh!

2. Protein smoothies have welcomed themselves back into my life. I thought that I wouldn’t want to drink something cold in the Winter, but my hunger has changed its mind. Now I want want want!


Here are some of my favorite smoothies!

3. Along with smoothies, I’ve been making some killer wraps for dinner full of protein. Yummy egg whites, avocados, salami, chicken breast or ham slices. I’ve been pairing it with some hummus for dipping, cottage cheese or pretzels. Hits the spot!


4. I have serious runner’s issues. In the winter, I know that I won’t run as much or as far. I get super pissed when my pace is slower than what it typically would be in the Summer or early Fall. When I see a 8:15 to 8:30 pace, Tara gets annoyed. Hello legs, why can’t you keep up?! Then my mom chips in and says, “You are crazy, it is off season.” Thanks mom!

5. I get to go to The Paramount this Sunday! My mom bought two tickets to see the Mark Morris Dance Group.


She’s heard great reviews about the show. I’m totally excited!

6. I hate shopping, but I seriously need to go get more “business casual” clothing. Ughhhhhhh! I’m hoping I can just hit Nordstroms Rack or Target to get more basics.  I’ll just fit that in between working too much and sleeping? Just kidding! 

Those are my most recent confessions.

What are your confessions for February or this week?

Have you ever felt that you work too much? What did you do about it?

Favorite place to shop?

XO, Tara





  1. I have totally been neglecting my social life because it is way to cold outside I never want to leave my room! Not to mention my snacking has been out of control! I feel like I never give myself a break too, I didn’t even take a week off of work for my last and final Christmas break! Hey maybe spring break it is my last one! Favorite place to shop whole foods haha I am so obsessed with food it is unreal!
    Those wraps look so amazing by the way!

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