The Big V.

Blehhhhhh! It’s Valentine’s Day. You can tell how excited I am right?!


I don’t understand the idea of cupid either…

Just FYI I am not one of those people who will be all down in the dumps, because I don’t have a boyfriend or that special someone to “shower” me with red roses and chocolates.

Side note: Even when I had a BF/significant other, Valentine’s Day was never a big deal. 

1. I don’t like flowers that much.

2. Chocolate….simply will go to my butt or kill any potential in carving out any abs.


So with that said, save your money and let’s grab a beer!

My Big Valentine’s Day will look like this:

Wake up at 6am and go to the gym. Yes, I am going to get my ass up and go.

Shower and get ready for work at the gym.

Arrive at work by 8:30am at the latest.

Work, work, work/train, train, train….

We have a “work/surprise lunch” for one of my co-workers too.

Leave work around 4-4:30pm and head to Flywheel.

“Work” till 6:45pm and take a 45 minute Flywheel class.

Arrive at home around 7:30pm, crack a beer, eat, watch the Olympics or some sappy Lifetime V-day movie, and go to bed. (Early workday at Flywheel Saturday AM)

Valentine’s Day will be a busy/productive day! I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots of pictures on Instagram of V-day gifts.

BTW, you should follow me if you don’t already on Instagram! 😀

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Do you like roses? If so, what color? If you don’t, what kind of flowers do you like?

Chocolate or no chocolate?

XO, Tara




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