Love Me A Three Day Weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a good three-day weekend? I ended up having Monday off due to the President’s Day holiday. Three-day weekends are the best. They give me more time to get the “little” things done or catch up on some needed sleep!

Let’s recap on the three-day weekend, shall we?!

Saturday was a busy busy day. I started the day off with a shift at Flywheel followed by many hours of my favorite thing: shopping. HAHA, if you know me you’d know that shopping is far from my favorite thing. It honestly gives me anxiety. I was in desperate needs of some new work clothes.

I decided that I would bite the bullet and just let the idea of spending money go. Southcenter Mall would be the place that would snatch up the monies.

I went to H&M, Nordstroms, Fashion Footwear, The Limited, Nordstroms Rack, Marshalls, etc. My eyes are rolling trying to remember all the stores.

Here are a few items that I purchased…


The blouse, not the leopard print belt. Just in case you were confused…


Yes, I have to hang clothes up to show all of you on my bike that hangs from the ceiling.

IMG_3539 IMG_3538

Lots of long cardigans and skirts. I hate hate wearing dress pants, actually I refuse. So that means lots of dressings or skirts! And yes, I wear alot of “dark” colors….I am working on it. I also got some other basics like tanks and t-shirts.

Shopping definitely makes you tired. I was so done after just a few hours and too many swipes of my card later.

Sunday started out with a quick gym session then my Mom and I were off to a modern dance show at the Paramount.


We decided to get a quick drink at Ruth’s Chris before the show began. Neither of us knew what to expect, because we’d never seen the show before. The dancing was great and it was definitely modern. Sadly, it was hard for me to understand the story.

After we did some more shopping in downtown Seattle then headed home to relax. We caught up on some of the Olympics and called it a night.

Apparently, I needed some sleep because I slept until nearly 11am! Okay, this never happens and it shows that I needed some serious sleep. After I pulled myself from my bed, I went to a 12:15 Flywheel class for a quick 45 sweat session.

I got a lovely headband from Sarah at Sweatmiles dot com. I wore this headband during my crazy sweat sessions today.


I’d say that I used my “extra” day off to sweat alot. I did two Flywheel classes and one Flybarre class and this headband held up great!


I love the fact that you can adjust the size of the Momo headband.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted. Border line beyond fatigued. I needed food immediately. And I immediately ate and ate while watching The Bachelor. Well I didn’t watch, it was merely background noise. This show is ridiculous.

So that was my busy weekend. Now, begins a four day work week!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Tell me about your weekend!

Did you have a three-day weekend?

Do you like shopping? If so, for what in particular?

Favorite headband?

XO, Tara

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  1. AHH I have to wear slacks to work, and I HATE THEM. I’ve lasted about 9 months and finally I found the BEST dress (it took a while because it HAS to have a and I’ve legit been wearing it everyday. I have washed it..but still…everyone is giving me shit and I’m like, “BACK OFF I’M COMFORTABLE!” HAHA. Glad you found some good stuff!

  2. My weekend was full of studying, brunch and indoor soccer 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t have a three day weekend, I had work and class, so not fair! I have to be in the mood for shopping so yes sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it!

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