Better Snacking Habits

First off I want to wish my mom and step dad a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Love you two!

Now onto the main course…

Lately, I’ve been trying to better about my snacking. I’ve come to terms that I am drawn to salty snacks. I tend to gravitate to veggie chips, sweet potato chips, pita chips…see a common denominator? Chips on chips on chips. But they are soooooo tasty. 

Since having a heart to heart with my stomach and brain, I decided to take a break from the salty snacks and try adding more “healthier” snacks.

Here is what I am loving right meow. 

007Ok, if you haven’t tried these yet then you are missing out. I NEVER thought I’d eat anything that had the word “pea” in it. Way too addicting! Like the bag says, it is a good source of fiber. High five to that yo. 


I am back on my naner’s kick! Since I started Flybarre in January, I’ve been getting more charlie horses in my feet which means I need more potassium. I’ve been trying to consume one a day along with adding a potassium supplement. It has been working quite well.


Ok, I fell for the salt. I needed it. Hence the pretzels…but I limit myself to just a handful! They are too damn good.


Duh, we cannot forget my favorite Quest bar. I have to get some protein in during lunch! You cannot go wrong with 21g of protein. Nom Nom Nom….


I discovered Kashi crunch cereal recently. I don’t eat cereal often, instead I just add it to yogurt. But, this cereal is great by the handfuls. They are great just like Puffins!


Puffins are theeee best. You can add them to yogurt, eat as cereal or plain. I’ve done all three. Plus, there are different flavors like peanut butter! I prefer to add puffins to my evening froyo dish.


I spy puffins, granola, cashews, walnuts and Greek yogurt. Yum!

Do you like froyo?

What are your favorite add-ins?

What have you been craving recently?

XO, Tara



  1. I LOVE all of these things! I actually bought those snap peas for the first time over a year ago and never ate them because I thought WHY did I buy these?? I then bought another bag, tried them and fell in love. They are so delicious! When I start to eat them, it is hard to stop. haha 🙂

  2. I haven’t had fro-yo in years because of my dairy problems! BUTTTT my friend made me go with her when she wanted to sample some and I got a glimpse of the toppings, OMG! SO MUCH AMAZINGNESS!!! There were cookie dough pieces, cake pieces, reese’s peanut butter cups, kit kat bars, peanut butter sandwich cookies, THE WORKS!!!! And we wonder why there is an obesity problem, LMFAO – If I could eat these things, I WOULD TOP MY fro-yo with EVERYTHING!!!!

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