Stomping Grounds

Yesterday I began thinking more about all of the upcoming races that I am committed to along with those that I am in a limbo. It quite obvious that I haven’t been stomping the pavement like I should be and I am mad at myself and mother nature for that. Mostly just mad at myself, I could get out there in the down pour, suck it up and run….but I don’t. I prefer not to ruin my iphone (heaven forbid)or run with soaking wet shoes.

Wait, but there is a alternative called the treadmill. HA, spare me. I’d rather not.

Since the treadmill isn’t on my radar most of the time, I started to remember all of the great places where I enjoy the scenery. The better the scenery the better the run. The scenery doesn’t change while on the treadmill, you only can watch other sweaty people pass in front of you so many times…..


The Greenlake loop. Such a great area to people watch while running, plus you can run the 3.2 mile loops many times!

I try to take advantage of running up the Rattlesnake trail since it incorporates some elevation and I can work on running up hills! You can never go wrong there. Plus the view is spectacular!


That view is worth the struggle.


The Eastlake Sammamish trail is great because it is hard pack gravel.


Less impact on the knees and you can see the lake the entire way.


A loop around Beaverlake is my go to route. I enjoy it because I can go in and out of house divisions and explore new roads.

009 (2)

I explored a new road a little so far and found a fantastic hill (sarcasm)


What a perfect view of Beaverlake. I have the opportunity to swim in this lake during the Beaverlake Triathlon.


Oh hey Kasa! The Soaring Eagle trails are great for mixing up training. There’s a variety of trails that are flat and hilly!

I also enjoy running on the Burke-Gilman trail in Redmond. It is a wonderful flat and paved trail that goes from Redmond to Bothell. You can easily run up to 20 miles round trip! Definitely perfect for speed work!

As I reflect on all of the fabulous routes in my area, I cannot wait for Spring to come (minus the rain). I am looking forward to warmer weather and longer days! I’ll have an extra hour each day to use as needed (hopefully for running). 

I am grateful to be able to get out and run in different areas. No one likes to do the same route over and over. Unless you like the constant repetition.

Do you have some go to running routes?

How often do you find a new place to run?

Outdoors or indoor running?

XO, Tara



  1. I love running Greenlake, but have only run it during races. If I lived closer I would run that lake ALL the time!! There is a lake in Olympia I ran ALL the time..loved it! I have struggled running outside in this weather too, so I resort to my treadmill, but struggle just as much on there so I only run 3ish miles. HA. Better than nothing!!

    I need new running routes because I dread the ones around my house. I cannot wait for warmer temps!

    • Yes 3 miles on the treadmill is definitely better than none at all! Props to you girl! I need to either be sucked into a good book or show to be able to run on the treadmill. I need to run greenlake more, but it is farther than I will typically go when needing to run. Bring on Spring for the longer days! Hooray!

  2. I live in north Kirkland and my regular running place is my huge neighborhood which covers the top of en entire hill. I did up to 12 miles without leaving the hill – by using many many loops and cul-de-sacs:) But my favorite place to run by far is the Sammamish River Trail – especially between Redmond and Woodinville. Excellent for long runs, as there is water in several places. And now you reminded me of East Lake Sammamish trail… I love that too, especially on a sunny day 🙂

  3. I’ve never run indoors and don’t really want to. I am itching to find some new routes though, but as I tend to run in the evening when it’s dark I generally stick with the same one for safety. Bring on the Spring and lighter evenings! 🙂

  4. Great post! I loathe running on the treadmill myself but have been forced to lately due to the nasty weather. I couldn’t run to the end of my street without slipping on ice or being knee deep in snow or slush! It sucks! There is a park next to my house filled with cross-country trails for all of the high school teams. I can’t wait for the spring so I can run them.

  5. Waiting impatiently for Spring!! I strongly dislike treadmills. From my apartment in Issaquah, the Sammamish Trail is about a quarter of a mile away, there is a perfect 8 mile loop to the top of Squak Mountain and back which is half road, half trail, and there are all the Tiger Mountain/Lake Tradition Trails as well the Grand Ridge that is also nearby. So many good places. Green Lake is a favorite too, but it’s a long drive now.

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