Confessions: Third Edition

I have some confessions to make on this glorious Friday. Confessions regarding my habits both good and bad. I was reading Annette’s blog where she was revealing her habits and it inspired me to share mine. Sharing good and bad habits can be a relief. For me, it takes a weight off my shoulders knowing that I am not perfect and I seriously have some flaws.

I’ll start with my “good” habits.

1.  Fitness is a huge part of my life if you haven’t figured that out already. I am always looking into new workouts from fellow bloggers as well as at the gym. I may not be a fitness guru or personal trainier, but I enjoy trying out new activities. Working out is a habit that I enjoy pursing everyday. This is something that I’ve been doing for years and it acts as a stress reliever. I always feel better after a good ass kicking workout.

2. I do not procrastinate. I always want to get things done immediately. Putting anything off just gives me anxiety. I’ve known this for many many years.

3. I stick to a schedule. This can be good and bad at the same time. I prefer scheduling my time, because it makes me more organized. I make lists on lists on lists and cross items off when they are completed. Staying on top of things is very important in both my personal and work life.

Sadly, yes there are some bad habits.

1. Perfection. Over the years, I’ve become much better at understanding that I have more to learn and that I will not be perfect. This has helped me with hearing constructive criticism and learning new items. I am working on this even more since beginning my new job!

2. Getting gas. Yes this has nothing to do with the fitness world, but I hate getting gas. I think I got this from my mama, because we always take about how much we hate going to the gas station. Mother like daughter.

3. Withholding my emotions. Yes, this happens. I try to hold in my emotions, hoping that they will go away. Sadly, they don’t and the issue only gets worse. I’ve been working on expressing my feelings more when they are present and figuring out how to handle them.


Wow, this has helped me remember what I need to continue to work on. Bad habits take time to break down and eventually they can turn into good habits! It also shows how strong you can be mentally over time.

What are your good or bad habits?

How do you resolve your bad habits?

Do you procrastinate?

Here are some of my previous confessions:

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XO, Tara







  1. I have a really bad habit – I bite my nails. I hate that I do it, and it seems every few months I stop for a couple weeks; I love how much healthier they look when I don’t bite them, but then stress usually creeps in and I find myself doing it without even realizing it. 😦

  2. I also am one of those rare people who love to workout and try new workouts 🙂 I have a bad habit of not doing things because it doesn’t work within my weekly and daily schedule. So far I am not so good at fixing this… Maybe I will learn soon! I also have a bad habit of not spending any money on myself. I have been trying to make one purchase a month! I hate procrastination too! That is exactly why I HATE group projects haha

  3. My worst habit is probably smoking. I know! Runners don’t smoke, but I do – I’m kind of hoping running will make me not want to smoke but unfortunately I still roll myself a cigarette as soon as I get in the door after a run.

  4. Sadly I procrastinate so much 😦 I feel like I work better under pressure! Who am I? I guess this works for me, but this only applies to my personal life, not to work. In work I love to cross things off my to do list! Life is about balance right?

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