Would You Rather: Fitness Questions

Since Tuesdays are known just for being an “ugh” day, I thought we’d have some fun with a Would You Rather post. I thought that I’d dedicate this Would You Rather post to fitness!


Would you rather….

1. Swim 5 miles or run 26 miles? Probably run 26 miles. I haven’t done this yet, but I enjoy running over swimming any day.

2. Wear brand new running shoes on a run or have excessive chafing? Wearing new shoes isn’t ideal if they aren’t somewhat broken in. I.e., 15 miles or so. I wouldn’t recommend buying new shoes the day before a race, because you never know how your feet/body will react to them. I think I’d choose chafing.

3. 100 crunches or 100 squats? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind either one. 100 crunches isn’t that challenging, so I’d have to pick 100 squats.

4. Breathe through your nose or through your mouth? I’d choose breathing through my mouth, hands down.

5. Run with a terrible side cramp or be hung over? Probably hung over. Side cramps are the worse!

6.  Run on a treadmill for an hour or run around a track for an hour? Track. Enuff’ said.

7. Relay race or a portion of a distance triathlon? I’ve never ran in a relay before so I think that would be a fun experience.

8. Spinning or Running? Depending on the weather, but I enjoy running.

9. Run in excessive heat or below freezing temperatures? HEAT!!!

10. Forget to eat before a race or forget snacks during a race? This is a toughly….I’d probably go with forgetting to eat before. I don’t know why I’d forget to do this, but if it happened I’d know that there would be some sort of energy along the way.

Answer a few questions for me. I’d love to here your thoughts!

XO, Tara



  1. 3) I choose squats. I kinda like doing them, but doing a lot of crunches is killer on me. (Which means I probably should do more crunchies)

    4) Depends if I am swimming or doing another activity!

    9) I’ll take the cold. Heat is my enemy. (Which people think is strange as I am originally from Hawaii.)

    Fun post 🙂

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