Battle of the Bars.

The ducks must be loving this weather, because this rain is out of control. It has been raining none stop since last week and I am sick of it. You’d think that all of us Seattle-lites would be used to the rain and never complain, but let me tell you we still complain and still refuse to use umbrellas.


I find myself leaving my house without a jacket with a hood most of the time. You’d think that I’ve learned my lesson. HA! We tough it out here and take risks!

Anywho, enough with the weather chat. Have you ever had a war with yourself about what protein bar is the best? No? Well, I’ve found myself to be in a debacle.


Questbar or Pure Protein? Ahhhhh, whyyyyyyy?!!! Well, it isn’t a straight up war, but a definite battle as to which company has the most tasteful chocolate chip flavor. However, after tasting both and loving each in its own way, I found it terribly hard to choose a winner. They both had 20g of protein and less than 200 calories. Perfect for a pre/post workout snack.

The Pure Protein bar had a great crunch along with a chewy texture. You definitely could taste the chocolate chip flavor. A chocolate lovers dream!! I didn’t sense any of that “chalk” taste that many people complain about when consuming certain protein bars.

The Questbar double chocolate chunk was amazing. If you are a chocolate lover then you’d love this bar too. Visibly you could see the chocolate chunks within the bar itself. No misleading here. The bar left you full and satisfied.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy both manufacturers and their products. I’ve found myself drawn to all of their flavors depending on my current craving.

My recommendation to you is to try each brand and the flavors that they offer. You’ll more than likely find one that you’ll love. I know that I have.

What is your favorite flavor for Quest or Pure Protein?

Do you have a preference?

Do you have a go-to flavor for protein bars?

XO, Tara



  1. My favorite Quest Bar is a tie between white chocolate raspberry and cookies and cream (white chocolate fan obviously :)) I haven’t tried Pure Protein yet but I have a feeling I will be purchasing one next time I see one. Suggestions on your favorite flavor of them?

  2. ohh, totally PNW there. I don’t even own an umbrella … and I think I have only worn my jacket about a handful of times. I kinda like the rain. (Uhm, don’t whap me because I said that … my wife thinks I am waterlogged as well.)

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