Discount Alert for the Seahawks 12k Race!

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Sadly, the rain hasn’t let up yet. The forecast calls for rain, rain, showers, chance of showers, rain up to a quarter of an inch, etc. I think you catch my drift.


My sad/duck face in the car after work last night. 

Anywho….Boy do I have a treat for you that I am super duper excited to share!!! It involves the Seahawks, if you haven’t figured it out already from the title. 😉


As you know already, I am a HUGE Seahawks fan and every year the Seahawks organization hosts a 5k and 12k race.


This year will be my third time running the 12k and this year will be even better due to the fact that we are Superbowl champions. I have even more pride in my team than ever before and I am sure that hundreds of thousands of other people agree. I expect that the amount of Seahawks fanatic participants will double! Any bets?!

Okay, on with the big news….


I was given the opportunity to offer 25 of my awesome readers a chance to save $5.00 on their registration fee for the Seahawks 5k or 12k. Who doesn’t love to save money and participate in an spectacular race? Plus, I’d love to see you all there too! The race will be held on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

To save $5.00 on registration, use the code: PNWRUNNER. This code will last through the month of March only. You do not want to miss this. Mark your calendars right meow. 

Check out how much fun I had last year!




Follow @OrswellEvents on Twitter for more information on the Seahawks 12k and any other races that they host.

Remember this discount code is only available for the first 25 applicants. Do not wait! 🙂

Will you choose to register?

Have you participated in the Seahawks 5k or 12k?

Will you dress up? I’m planning on wearing my jersey again, getting more crazy with face paint of stickers and maybe a tutu. Who knows!

I cannot wait for this race and to possibly see you all there! 😀

XO, Tara





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