Hello Sun!

It is amazing how much better you feel when the sun comes out.

Just let it all in. Its terribly difficult to work inside on a day like today! Can anyone relate? At least I can try and enjoy the blue skies from inside.

After being at my new job with a new position as a paralegal, I finally feel settled. I feel apart of the group and a connection with everyone here. No drama, no disconnect and no negativity. The feeling of appreciation is wonderful. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding especially since I am learning so much every day just from hands on training!

Having two screens is amazing! Takes everything to a new level of awesome…

I love that I’m in my own room where I can work quietly without any disruptions. Totally helps when I need to be extra zoned in!
I can also enjoy this little guy in peace too!

So much win!
Just a few more hours of work, then it’s time to hit the gym or get outside for a quick/slowish run before Flywheel!
Hopefully it’s sunny where you are today! Soak it up!
Catch ya later!



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