Sun, you make me…

want to roll down my windows and cruise, baby! Yes yes, I am quoting a song from Florida Georgia Line.

This song definitely gets me in the groove. The appearance of the sun and blue skies was a treat yesterday (and hopefully today!!!). Absolutely gorgeous! I was able to take in all its glory while inside at work. HA.


But once I was off, my car windows were immediately down, with the sunglasses on and the music pumping. Yes, I am that person.



Made for a good drive to Flywheel. I wish that I could have soaked up the sun a little more. A run would have been perfect.

Instead of running, a good ol’ Flywheel session with Mackenzie did the trick.


Yep, I wear the most colorful socks. Lime green babay! Always reppin’ the Seahawks colors. Or am I a little early to celebrate St. Paddy’s day? Could be both! 😀

Anyone running in a St. Paddy’s day race? I am still debating whether or not I will this year.

Perhaps today will be the day, since the forecast is looking the same, but WARMER.  Hello 60 degrees. I am sure that I’ll see some peeps in shorts or tank tops acting like it’s Summer time. Typical for the PNW.







  1. I lived in Oregon for a few years a few years back, and man did that never ending rain bug me! I was down there for school and came back up to Canada afterwards and sure I really do complain about the minus temps, but I still do take that over 150 days of non stop rain.

    I am doing a St. Paddy’s day run on sunday, I was just thinking I should probably wear some green, but we will see if I remember to do that!

  2. I’m running the Tacoma St Paddys Day half marathon on Saturday! I’m excited, I haven’t raced in Tacoma before so I’m hoping the new-to-me scenery will keep me going.
    You should definitely run this weekend. I love racing in green and seeing everyone’s spirited costumes!

  3. My wife and I are doing it this year. It’s my 1st Shamrock run 🙂

    I kinda like event runs … and love the pre event excitement. And … I am not too proud to look like a dork … so on Friday I am also planning on going to the local party store to find a little leprechaun to put on my shoulder! 🙂

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