Stand Tall and Carry On!

Hello hello!

I am ecstatic to say that it is Wednesday! Hip hip hooray!  It has already been a long long week. I.AM.EXHAUSTED.ALREADY!

If you cannot tell already, I just need to vent today. There is a lot going on and I cannot hold it in.

On Monday, I mentioned that we looked at a house and wanted to potentially move towards the next step. Sadly, it didn’t work out. Major bummer. 


It can get really discouraging and it can get you down, but I need to continue to pull myself up and stay positive. All it means that it wasn’t meant to be!


I will continue to do so. But…

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2013 2

Life just has been a bit overwhelming lately. Balancing all the things that I have going on has been really hard. I need to figure out  a balance.  I feel like my brain is stretching too far and I’m loosing control and failing. Failure makes me sad. Sadness makes me overwhelmed and gives me anxiety. I want to continue to learn and grow and be the best that I can.

Unfortunately, I had a  mini breakdown at work yesterday.  I think it was needed. A mini wake up call perhaps?

I am such an introvert and I keep emotions hidden until they build up too much, then BAMMMMM!

Anywho, my venting is over. I feel some relief.

Do you hold in emotions?

How do you handle emotions building up? 

Take care,




  1. I had SO many issues with finding a house! I LOVED the location of 2 condos- 1 ended up having a major leak during my due diligence and then I got into a short sale that went nowhere! I had a ton of other offers refused and ended up in a place I love! I wish it had MUCH more natural light, but I love my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with the location! And it as cheaper than all the other condos I looked at!

  2. Everyday we have the opportunity to wake up and so something about the things that we don’t like. Seems to me like you are not alone in the boat, but you have to stand tall and carry on (ok I just copied that from the title :P).

    It’s a lot easier to hide feelings, but when they keep piling up then you’ll evetually explode! So why don’t you just write it, or scream in the woods, or even talk to yourself. Hope you are feeling better!

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