Mercer Island Half Marathon Recap

It’s Monday once again and luckily the sun is shining! Spring is definitely presenting itself pretty well so far.

Yesterday, I ran the Mercer Island Half Marathon and my legs are definitely feeling it this morning. Oh the calves and hammies are just kicking back at me. Overall, the race was challenging. There are like 52 turns on the race route and numerous hills. Mile 11 was a *beep*!

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I had my usual team there to cheering me on!

Check out this video for highlights—->

Even though the weather was absolutely perfect for a Spring run, I wish I did better overall. The hills definitely made it more challenging and the fact that I haven’t been training as much added to that.

I didn’t come close to a PR, but I ran it in about the same time as the Seattle Half Marathon in December 2013.

However, I cannot get down on myself…..I just ran 13.1 miles!! 😀

Well, it is time to get to work. Have a marvelous Monday!

Be Happy!


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