Speed Me Up Scotty

For me, music can make or break a run. Running with music is really helpful for getting into a rhythm, tuning crap out or just catching up on some good ol’ tunes. However, I understand that many runners choose to run without music. I envy you.

I’d probably drive myself cray-cray if I didn’t have music to keep me treking along down the road. I tend to listen to the same sort of music on my runs. If my mood is on the naughty side, I’ll turn on some rock or metal and let it scream. That’s only if I am in a “mood.” Most of the time, I am drawn to EDM, Pop or any sort of dance music. AKA- Happy music!

During the Mercer Island Half Marathon on Sunday, I chose to create a playlist that included  EDM (Electric Dance Music), Pop, Country and Dance.


Apparently, I haven’t figured out the whole screen shot thing on my computer or with itunes. 

This playlist definitely helped me get through those damn hills on Sunday. Higher paced music really helps my legs get into a quicker pace. Speed me up Scotty! LOL.

Here are a few other playlists that I enjoy!

Seahawk 12k Playlist

Run Girl Run 

What type of music do you listen to while running?

Music or no music?

BTW, don’t forget to take advantage of the Seahawks 12k discount code for the month of March!

Catch’a Lata!


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