Give This High Intensity Workout A Shot

Does anyone else feel like the first week of April FLEW by? I feel like Tuesday was yesterday. Although, I am not complaining that it is Friday. Eight hours until the weekend.

Last night, I decided to test my legs/hip flexor out on treadmill. Yes, I know it is a risk…..but I wanted to see if it was still bugging me or not.

This happened….

 HIIT Treadmill Workout


I managed to get through a quick HIIT workout pain free until the last minute or so. I figured that would be a good time to quit and call it a day. I love HIIT workouts, because the time flies on by and they help with improving your overall pace. Who doesn’t want to get faster? I do.

Not familiar with HIIT? HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training.” Basically, getting er’ done quick and getting super sweaty!!

If you like treadmill workouts then you may also like the 45 Minute Tabata Treadmill Workout. It will get your heart rate up immediately.

I finished my workout with the good ol’ Lower Ab Workout.

I left the gym feeling sweaty and accomplished.

Do YOU like HIIT workouts?

What is your favorite type?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Have a great weekend!


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