Couch Hopping At It’s Finest.

Here I am yet again complaining about my damn hip flexor. I thought I was okay until I decided to hit the pavement yesterday afternoon. I managed to get through five miles then went on a hour long hike through the trails with my mom and Kasa. Let’s just say, I was limping through the woods. Serves me right.


I’ll be the first one to admit that I am TERRIBLE about resting and not running especially when mother nature is begging me to come out and join in on the fun. I felt that it was necessary to get some fresh air after literally sitting on the couch ALL DAY on Saturday watching Games of Thrones Watchathon. I know you were right there with me.

I’d say that I managed to get through at least 5 episodes from the first season (step-dad has some catching up to do) and 4 episodes of the third season on Saturday morning/afternoon. To break up the day, I went to Costco to get food for din-din. Dinner was served on the couch while watching The Wolf on Wall Street.

Wolf-of-Wallstreet-585x370Overall, it was a good movie. Lots of sex, nudity, swearing, drugs, money and well….what else could you ask for? LOL. Kidding. Basically, be prepared if you are watching it with your family. Also, it is 3 hours long. I recommend having multiple glasses of wine or beer with the movie.

Let’s get back to the wonderful walk through the woods. Kasa loves the Soaring Eagle trails. She is able to be off leash (note: illegally) and run up and down the trails.

004 008

Kasa in action.

007 011 012

She found herself a bench. Declared it Kasa’s bench.

014 017

Pretty flowers.


Nature just holds onto water droplets.

When the weather gets nicer people decide that it okay to venture outdoors. People shouldn’t be afraid of a little rain or colder weather. But now that it is Spring, we’ll embrace it even more! Loving the PNW as always.

So it is supposed to be 70 degrees today. I am tempted to run. So tempted…but maybe I should just do the elliptical or yoga or both? I’m in a pickle…We’ll see how the hip flexor is doing by this afternoon.

How was your weekend?

Any races or upcoming races?

XO, Tara

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  1. Kasa has the best doggie smile!
    Good luck with resting. I saw my chiropractor this morning and said “I’m still a wreck, but I also (knowingly) totally over-did-it this weekend; resting is boring and I’m terrible at it”.
    Have you been to physical therapy for your hip? I just started for my back and am SO optimistic that it’s really going to help. 🙂
    Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

  2. Kasa….I can’t. Those photos KILL me. So freaking cute. I seriously want to punch you hip in the face, I know how you feel not wanting to rest it. I have the hardest time listening to my body when it tells me no. I actually really want to see The Wolf of Wall Street, so I will probably watch it alone haha.

  3. We were going to see the Wolf of Wallstreet in the theatres when it first came out but we got to the cinema too early so we went to something else. We did pick it up once it got out on DVD and boy am I glad we were able to watch it at home as that really is one long movie! Also crazy to think it is based on a true story!

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