Fun Facts Friday- Brewery Edition

Friday already? Where did the week go? I guess that means that it was a busy busy week. I love it when work just flies on by.

Last weekend, I went out to tour Black Raven Brewing and visit Hi Fi Brewing. I have yet to share the fun with everyone and why not on a Fun Facts Friday. Well, there won’t be a whole lot of facts; mostly just pictures!


Delicious sample tray


Morrighan Nitro Stout


The Raven


The Menu


Playing with the Malt


Big ass Barrels


Education time


Wires on Wires…how they change the kegs

The next location was Hi Fi Brewing which is just a block away.


The goods!

024 022

Giving the beers a try

I love trying out new breweries and taking tours. It’s fun learning about the brewing process! Way over my head, but I’m trying!

Tonight, my step brothers are coming into town and we are going to head out somewhere to celebrate. Who knows where we will end up, but it will be a good time. I’m pretty excited.

Now,  I just have to get through the workday then I am free! Knowing that this week passed by so quickly, I’m sure today will feel like a half day.

How was your week? Did it go by fast?

Do you like touring breweries or wineries?

Have a great weekend and be safe!


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