Organized Chaos

You’ve probably heard only a few times about how busy I’ve been at work lately. I feel bad, because I haven’t been able to write as many posts or at least put my whole heart  into them. I will get better at this, I promise!

However, since work has been so busy especially with all the changes, I’ve had to learn to become more organized. I’ve always been a pretty organized person who hates procrastinating; although, I’ve had to learn to adapt to a new environment and prioritize myself to their needs. Sometimes its like organized chaos. Things that are top priority on my list may be different from the attorneys.


With that being said, my co-worker and I have learned how to prioritize everything without feeling too overwhelmed.


1. Put together a “short list” of all the things that you want to do each day and prioritize them.

2. Meet with your boss/attorney/head honcho every day and go over the short list. Find out what is priority for them and adjust your list.

3. After the meeting, tackle each project one by one. Try not to jump from project to project; mistakes tend to happen if this occurs.

4. Work with one another.  My co-worker and I work together to tackle our short lists together. We may have different items on our list, but we still check in with one another throughout the day to see what has been done.

5. Check items off your list and praise yourself for finishing items. This is the ultimate reward.


What are your tips for staying organized when there’s too much to do?

I hope you’re having a great weekend.


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