Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Earth Day!

I wasn’t able to share my Easter weekend festivities yesterday, but I’ll assure you that the weekend was full of family and fun. I managed to work Friday without any distractions and was uber stoked with 4pm rolled around. I headed home to meet my family and to meet our guests. We had the opportunity to have my step brothers come up from Portland. It was a great evening and the liquids were flowing fast. Before happy hour/dinner we all had a beer outside since the weather was shockingly beautiful and caught up on life. Next we headed a mile down the road to the local mexican joint called La Casita. Our friendly bar that knows us and our drinks are on the table before we sit down.


Cheers part uno.


Cheers part dos.

Typically, I am drawn to the beer, but hey a margarita sounded perfect. A margarita the size of my head. Thank gawd for the guacamole. I’d eat guacamole for breaky, lunch n’ dinner. 

After happy hour/dinner/drinks/who knows….we headed home and the parents went to pick up my youngest step brother from the bus station up the road. Once they got home…shit got cray. That’s all.


#grelfie Hey Family Hey!


Typically Kasa shot…

Friday night was a great night. We typically go over the top but no one judges one another. We all had a great time and that is all that matters.

Saturday began with pancakes and bacon on the 1900’s stove.


My family is not normal. We have a stove outside from the 1900’s and yes we use it. You probably remember me sharing the pretzels that we cooked in this baby around Christmas! The pancake were yummy and I think Joe will continue to make them on the stove even though it took over an hour to get everything going for breckie. Luckily, I was sleeping on the couch during most of the “prep” time.

Post breakfast was tree time. Tree time means….the boys are in town so let’s cut down a tree. Let me tell you, Saturday wasn’t the best day to decide to cut down a tree…but it worked out. The tree fell where it was supposed too. 🙂

After the tree fun, we headed to see the step grandparents then it was time for a gym session. All the liquids from the night before needed to be burned off badly  (only to be consumed yet again). Ugh, I worked out and came home to head back to the store to get food/drinks to prep for the birthday party that we would be attending that evening. I finally came to terms that I would be gaining like 5 lbs this weekend. I’m wasn’t happy with those thoughts, but I need to remember to live a little and go with it. So I went with it. 

Sunday was full of flower talk. We decided to just go with the flow and venture to Seattle to find cherry blossoms.


Found em’


A detour to the local Madison Park Starbucks for a pick me up.

011 016 020

Purdy flowers

017 018

Views from the arboretum.

The arboretum was beautiful. My mom and I have never been there before surprisingly. Better late than never!

We wrapped up our Sunday at a friends house for drinks and dinner. I felt like the weekend was jam packed!

What did you do over the weekend?

Easter plans?

Did you have family come into town?

XO, Tara



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