Vega Bar Review

Hello, hello! I’ve had the opportunity to try an assortment of Vega protein bars from FitApproach and the Vega Team. I was amazed at the variety of flavors and types of bars. Vega definitely has your day covered.

Here’s a little background about Vega products.

Vega strives to provide its consumers with clean, plant-based products. You can find a large variety of products that will cater to your needs; whether its pre, during or post workout fuel.


Vega is all about providing products that will help everybody. Vega provides snack barsmeal barsenergy barssport protein bars and much more.



This bar saved me when I forgot lunch last week. It got me over the hump!


The Chocolate Coconut Vega Bar was a great post workout snack!

013 016

Oh man, this is a favorite. A perfect bar to take on a hike!

005 018

I am not a fan of chocolate and mint together, so I cannot give this bar a fair rating…

Overall, I am wow’d by the wide variety of products that Vega offers. Consumers can choose from protein powder, shakes, bars and supplements.

After trying the different Vega bars, I would definitely be interested in purchasing their products.

Have you tried Vega products?

Do you prefer pre, during or post workout bars?

Have  a great last day of April!


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*Disclaimer- I was not paid to provide this review. My thoughts/opinions are all my own.*



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