I Prefer Pretzels and “Fake” Fires

What’s up? Wuzzz up? What’s shaken yo?

Ok. OK. Enough with the middle/high school language.

Not a whole lot is going down in my neck of the woods. I will say that it is NOT raining. Over the past few days, it has rained buckets. I mean buckets…the puddles are humongous. Too deep to run through!! 

Luckily, the forecast for today looks quite sunny. At this point, I’d prefer to see anything but rain. That being said, I’m hoping to get out for a hike after work or a run. I’m thinking a hike up Rattlesnake Ridge would be ideal.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

On another note, I just about murdered my legs yesterday doing a gazillion lunges.


I did many many sets of lunges with 12.5lb and 15lb weights. Front lunges, reserve lunges, alternate lunges, side lunges, side bends, and repeat three times. Come on lunges, bring me better quad muscles pretty please! I’ve been attempting to work my legs even more since running hasn’t been as frequent.

After my leg workout, it was time to head home and relax.


Which means a time post workout shake, slippers and a “fake” fire. Heck, it was relaxing and did it’s job.

But I was hungry hungry too…


Sausage and egg white wrap with a side of pretzels and pea snaps. Guess what I ate first? The pretzels!! I LOVE pretzels. Feel me pretzels. 

After the pretzels were demolished, I ate the rest of my meal. I’m no cook and there is alot of room for improvement.

I’m loving the ability to do what I want each night in my own place. Lots of hours spent on Pinterest looking at ideas for decor. Woot.

Kk, it is time for work! Have a fabulous hump day!

Take care,




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