Confessions: Fourth Edition

Happy Thursday. I swear today could be Friday. I am bummed when I determined that it wasn’t. No causal day and the weekend doesn’t begin n 8 hours. I’m sure that today will fly by just like the last few weeks.

It’s been a while since I’ve voiced some confessions.

1. I need to find some new decor for the walls in my new place. Sorry, but the Killer Whale above the fire place doesn’t cut it.

003Or this…


I’m struggling to find a theme that will go with the log cabin feel. However, I’ve only been here a few days….I think I have time. Any suggestions are welcome! 😀

2. Warmer weather means that smoothies will make a come back!


This smoothie from last night was more like a slushy. You can find more smoothie recipes here.

3. I miss running and biking. I need the weather and my damn hip flexor to get better right meow. Luckily, the weather is going to be better. We’ll see about the hip flexor. I need to take it out for a test run this weekend.

4. I feel like Miss Independent right now.


Moving into my own place, making it my own and surviving! Honestly, you have no idea how I feel right now. I haven’t been on my own since I was away at college in 2006 and it only lasted a year.

5. I need more dinner recipes. I am a terrible cook and I have a stove that I’ve been using, but I only know how to make a few things. Cook chicken, ground turkey, eggs, etc. Basic easy stuff.

 Ok, those are my relatively tame confessions for today.

What are your confessions?

Do you cook?

Suggestions for decor for a log cabin feel?

Have a wonderful Thursday.


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  1. I love decorating, the great thing is you can always change it up. It has to be something that speaks to you. Maybe arty tree photos, mountains or wildlife or go abstract. You could even go to Michaels, buy a canvas and goop a bunch of paint on it – there, art. I have done this myself. 🙂

  2. I hang old windows – people are always throwing them out. I repaint them (don’t sand them down because they may have lead in them), gently tap a couple of nails into the back and then hang them with regular picture wire. I’ve seen people stain them, paint the actual glass, put photos in the glass squares, etc. It’s a pretty rustic look that might work for you!

  3. No confessions today. Just nothing immediately popping to mind.

    Yes, I LOVE to cook. I started learning in 4-H. If you ever want help or a lesson, I’d love to walk you through it. If you can follow directions, you can cook. 🙂

    Decor – Personally, I’d suggest a theme of “wildflowers”. It doesn’t have to be too girly, but it will compliment the log cabin feel. Here are some Etsy shops/prints to give you an idea:

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