The Little Things

Heyyooo. Yes, I am alive and kicking as usual…sorry for the brief absence. I’ve been at trial for work and just been busy juggling everything else. I know you missed me. 😉

I received a text from my mom this afternoon saying that I had a gift from the “girls.” She is referring to her group of girlfriends who I know pretty well. Of course I was eager to know what the mystery gift was. I finished my workout and headed her way.

003 004

The little things really make me smile!

Lots of fun items to fill my kitchen! Spices, flour, sugar, pam, oil, vanilla extract and a candle that smells amaze balls. Now I have lots of spices to play around with!

I am so grateful to have like seven moms that are always thinking or looking out for me. Thank you so much! 

On another note, I’ve been pinterest-ing alot more lately since I need to decorate my new pad. I bought some mason jars from Michaels yesterday and now I need to figure out what to put in them. Fake flowers? Floating candles? Now I know why I didn’t pursue a career in decorating. I’d get a giant F. Not for Fabulous but for Failure. 


Look, I added some vintage books.

I need to figure out a theme. Or narrow down my theme to something feasible? Ahh, my head is spinning with confusion. I plan on spending hours viewing ideas along with asking others for their input. Feel free to give me some!

Okkkk, I don’t have alot more to share. Work is crazy, my knee still hurts and I suck at decorating. 😀 At least I know what I am good at. lol.

Happy Thursday. Woot!


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