Plantains Aren’t For Me

 Buenos Dias. 

How was your weekend? Jammed full of fun? I hope so! Mine incorporated of finding new antique shops, walking the pups, going out to dinner with my mom, watching a Lifetime movie (duh!), working out, running errands, trying to hang new decor in my apartment and baking. Typically weekend right? Not so much, it was very similar to last weekend, minus the baking part.

My weekend looked like this. Let’s recap, shall we?


While in Duvall, my mom and I discovered this lovely piece. A book couch. What a fun idea! I was too scared to sit on it, ya know because I would break it right? Just kidding. 

After we headed to Monroe to find some antique shops that we missed last weekend.

I found this lovely gem.


I had to add a personal touch. 

I was stoked when I found this frame. Definitely goes with the vintage frame that I got last weekend. Well I think so, and that’s all that matters. 😉


Here’s the “almost” finished product on the mantel. I need a few more little touches and it will be complete.


My spice rack is up to par now. 


The growler needed a re-fill. It’s been a while, trust me. 

Lately, I’ve come across many recipes involving Plantains. I never knew what Plantains were until I researched them and saw them at the nearby grocery store. Basically an over-sized banana with weird coloring. I think? Please correct me.




I made this. It was/is Plantain bread. I hated it.  Many people may love Plantains or Plantain bread, but I wasn’t one of them. I’ll give myself a pat on the back for trying a plantain!  I think the taste was too much. 

That being said, I did buy some regular bananas. I am waiting for them to rot for some banana bread. YUMM!

Ok, time for work. Enjoy the day.

Xo, Tara

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