No Mo Gas

The heading is correct. No Mo Gas. 

Why do you ask? Electric car. But wait, didn’t you have a Mustang? Yes, I did. However, the lease was up and it was time to turn in Rut Roe.

002 003

My dad was super generous and decided to gift me the Chevy Volt. I’ll be saving so much money on gas with the Volt. Did I mention that I HATE getting gas? The Volt gets great gas mileage when I need to use gas; however, I can get to and from work on ONE charge.

When my dad first got the Volt, he didn’t fill up for  3 months. THREE! Hello $$$$ saving.  I’m okay with spending $20 every three months to fill up. The gas station sucks!!!!!!!!

However, I will miss the following:

1. My tinting windows. I hate when people can see me. I am pretty crazy with the arms going up and down when people are driving in a stupid manner.

2. Horse Power. I am going from 305 to blank….I don’t know if the Volt has HP. That being said, I am going from a fast car to a car stuck in mud.

3. 6 Speed to Auto. Automatics are boring. Plain and simple.

What I want to do:

1. The windows need to be tinted immediately.

2. I need to remember to charge the Volt every night. Seshhhh, I need to remember this every day. UGH!

On the upside, I am excited about not paying for gas. I will save so much moola. Heck yes!

I’d recommend getting an electric car. Horse power is great, but it sucks gas. Duh. The Volt is pretty nice to drive and the mileage is wonderful.

Do you have an electric car?

Would you switch?

XO, Tara



  1. I totally wanted a Volt when they first came out, but I was doing a lot of driving up North in the mountains so it just wasn’t a great idea to not have an all wheel drive kind of car. I still want one in the future but just not yet.

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