My National Running Day Shocker

Happy National Running Day<—–Yesterday!

Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to participate. Instead, I decided that I would be a good girl and listen to my body for once. Say what? Yeah, I decided to punk out on National Running Day.  But, you know what…my IT band/knee/pain my ass will thank me for it.

Instead, I took a BodyPump/CX Worx class. I love BodyPump, because you get to work all the muscle groups and CX Worx is great for targeting those smaller muscles. I was definitely feeling it especially after hiking 8 miles on Tuesday.

Decided to do an impromptu hike up Mount Si.


Hiked to the tippy top, no big deal. 

The hike is four miles up and roughly 3900 feet of elevation gain. Mother nature decided not to cooperate, because the clouds never burned off like they were supposed too. The view at the top were of clouds. However, the temperature was perfect.

006 007

Can you see me? 😉 Luckily, I decided to wear a orange tank so that I could be seen!

Made it up and down in roughly 3.5 hours. Beast mode.

The last time I hiked Mount Si had to be like 4 years ago. I couldn’t remember much about the hike other than you’re mostly in the trees and the trail is mostly switch backs. On a side note, the hike isn’t too strenuous. There are parts that are steep and parts that are somewhat flat. A pretty good balance. It is just long….be prepared for that.

Take in the scenery, relax and be one with nature. 🙂 I know that you’ll feel better after it’s done, I sure did.

Am I feeling the hike? Yep, my booty is feeling it. 

Looks like hiking season is upon us. I have a running list of hikes to get through during the summer/early fall.

1. Bandera Trail


2. Mount Si (many times)

3. Mail Box Peak


4. Granite Falls

5. Otter Falls

6. Paradise Trail at Mount Rainier

7. Rattlesnake (many times)


8. Poo Poo Point (many times)

9. Snow Lake

And the list continues to grow as I find more hikes. Any recommendations?

Where do you like to hike?

Have you hiked Mount Si?

What is the longest hike you’ve done?

Did you run on National Running Day?

Have a marvelous Friday eve!

XO, Tara

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  1. That is a fine looking hike!! Sadly, there aren’t any mountains near me 😦

    I didn’t do any running either (although I didn’t do anything at all)… still too sore from my race last weekend… I’ll be back soon though!

  2. No run for me either, but I did my first bike ride (15 minutes) since my Stress Fracture (2 months ago). It’s great to be off crutches and moving again!!
    Last time I hiked Mt. Si was probably 12 years ago, in high school. I need to do it again when I’m healthy enough.

  3. I have so many hikes on my to-do (and to-repeat) list that I don’t know where to start when it comes to suggestions, we really are spoiled here in the PNW! My longest dayhike so far (which will remain the record for a while since I am currently gestating a small human) was the Enchantments and Little Annapurna last summer, 20 miles – an amazing hike, so beautiful.

    A great loop for trail running (I use that term lightly – I hike the ups, then waddle the flats and downhills) is to hike up to Melakwa Lake (make sure you visit the upper lake too), then loop around to Lower Tuscohatchie Lake and Pratt Lake before ending up at the Granite Mountain trailhead where you and a friend have left a second car. 🙂 Oh, and Mount Defiance next to Bandera is gorgeous!

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