A Peek Inside My Workout Bag

I’m always interested in other people’s workout bag, so lets check out what I have stored in mine….


I love love love my Lululemon workout bag. It isn’t too big, but I can fit alot of crap in it.


Duh, running shoes. These are my go to shoes, but I am in dyer need of another pair. I ❤ Asics. We will never break up.


Ear buds and my Tune belt Iphone arm band. If I forget these items, my workout is in shambles. Either I get to workout without music or I have to hold my iphone while lifting weights. This cannot happen. #workoutproblems


Chapstick is a major necessity!! My lips get so chapped sometimes. #lifesavor


My Kindle gets me through cardio. Sometimes regular TV doesn’t cut it. Especially since Orange is the New Black season 2 just started. OMG, OMG, OMG!! 


You can never have enough headbands. I keep a few in my bag just in case. My hair is constantly in my face without a headband.


I eat a Quest proten bar every single day. I keep these gems in my bag as a snack and reward for my hard work.

Along with all the items I mentioned, I obviously pack clothes….I think you can imagine what those look like. Shorts, capris, sports bra, top and socks. The basics.

What do you have in your workout bag?

Is there something that is a must have?

Have a great Saturday and weekend!!

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