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Hello hello!

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for the most recent movie to hit the theaters. Take a wild guess? The Fault In Our Stars.

The seek peek definitely intrigued me and I knew that it was essential to read the book before going to see the movie. I prefer that.

That being said, on Saturday morning I downloaded the book on my kindle and headed to the gym for a hour sweat session. I ended up reading half of the book in an hour and was mad that I couldn’t just keep going on the elliptical. Well, I could have….but that would have been two plus hours of cardio. I’m trying to limit myself to just an hour with a cool down.

Since I wasn’t finished with the book that mean’t that my cardio session on Sunday was already set up! Perfect! Not having to search for a show to entertain me for an hour is a bonus. I ended up almost finishing the book at the gym and was very very close to crying. That would have been awkward. I mean, I’ve laughed out loud while watching Ellen, but that’s a give in. I haven’t actually broke out in tears. I was on the verge.

I left the gym with 30 pages left. I was pissed that I couldn’t finish it, but I was confident that I knew what would happen. So I thought….I finished it in the car on the way to Twin Rivers Brewery. I didn’t expect it to end the way it did, but that’s okay. I really enjoyed the book. Yes, it was depressing at times, but it opened my eyes to the life that those with cancer live. On a side note, I’ve witnessed it from the outside with my own dad. This novel continued to help me realize how those with cancer cope emotionally.

**Spoiler Alert**

In a nut shell, this novel is about a teen girl (Hazel Grace) dying of cancer who meets a intriguing boy (Augustus) in a cancer support group. They find they have common interests and they travel to Amsterdam to meet a famous author. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go so well and the two teens admit that they are in love with each other. Augustus finds out that his cancer is back and unfortunately passes away leaving Hazel Grace to cope with the outcome.


Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was sad and there were times while at the gym where I wanted to tear up but had to hold back. I highly recommend the book especially for those who may have sometime who is battling cancer in their family. It will help you realize what they are going through mentally, emotionally and physically.

I’m ready to cry through the movie now.

Have you read this book?

What are you reading now?

Have you seen the movie yet?

XO, Tara



  1. I DID read the book- and didn’t cry! How?! I’m reeeeally excited for the movie, though, and I anticipate that will draw the waterworks for me. Hopefully I can get myself to a theater this weekend!
    Right now, I’m reading Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman, What Happened To Goodbye? by Sarah Dessen, and The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielson. I’m one of those freaky librarians who reads 7 things at once :0)

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