My Summer Book Club

Good morning!

Does anyone else agree that this week will never end? Yesterday was a very long day. Ugh!

After reading The Fault In Our Stars  over the weekend, I decided that I need to get back into reading. I forgot how easy it was to get through a book so quickly while doing cardio. Time just flies on by.

It made me remember how much I was reading a few months ago. Fortunately I got caught up in watching TV shows on Netflix. However, I’ll admit that I was having a hard time finding a book or author that would suck me in. Luckily,  The Fault In Our Stars caught my attention real quick and reminded me how much I love to read.

That being said, I decided to put together my own book club. I’ll be the only one in the club. HA!

I’ve come up (with the help of others, you know who you are) a list of books that I am interested in reading.

Tara’s Summer Book Club

download (1)

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I’ll admit, I’ve started the book, but haven’t finished. However, it is a hardback which is harder to hold while working out. I will finish it though, don’t worry about that! 😀


Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman


What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dessen


Paper Towns by John Green

I’m pretty confident that I’ll finish all four of these books in a month or so; however, I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

Reading should be enjoyable and I love to get lost in books.

Do you love to read?

What are you currently reading?

Any recommendations to my list?

Have a great Thursday.

XO, Tara

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  1. I recommend: everything written by Sarah Dessen, especially This Lullaby :0)
    And if you like the Divergent trilogy and want more of that dystopian genre, I can’t rave enough about The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau!

  2. I also totally devoured The Fault in Our Stars. I think it was the 1st book I’ve started *and finished* in over 2 years! I read An Abundance of Katherines (also by John Green) and it was mediocre. Now I’m reading Frannie in Pieces. Paper Towns is also on my must-read list.
    PS. I think you should start a real book club. I’d totally join, I’ve always wanted to be in one, mostly for the social aspects. It’s hard to make friends as an adult, don’t you think?

  3. I read the Fault in Our Stars recently too. I also just finished another John Green book called An Abundance of Katherines. It was ok. It was a quick and easy read, but pretty predictable. Another good one is called The Last Days of California. It is the most entertaining book I have read in a long time. Or Gone Girl, but that was sort of depressing! Right now I am reading Gone with the Wind. Which is an enormous book. I saw the movie, but the books are always better. It is a good one for the summer, though.

  4. I’m a huge reading fan! Definitely don’t do enough of it these days, but, I love it. I was a bit disappointed with the Orange is the new black book, was incredibly different from the show and for once I actually liked the show better! I loved Kite Runner and A thousands splendid suns! I would love to do a virtual book club!

  5. ohhhhhh your book club is very similar to my club- we are reading ‘fault in our stars’ for this month and going to see the movie….. and we read the divergent triology. Another AMAZING good is ‘the book thief’ !!!! loved it.

    Also, have you read ‘wild’ by cheryl strand?? based on a true story, a woman that hikes the entire pacific nw trail alone. amazing read about wanting to do something and then doing it and changing your life in the process.

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