After 3 Long Months…

Before I dive into this post, I’ll first say “knock on wood.” Why? I think I may be super close to being injury free!

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit dangerous and decided to try and go out for a run just to test out my hip/IT band/knee issue. I told myself that I would take it slow and not worry about time. I didn’t even start my GPS app. I started running and kept telling myself I can do this, don’t think about time or mileage….just go with it.

So I just went with it and after a few miles I was astonished that my injuries weren’t flaring up. So I decided to keep on going and going and before I knew it my 6 mile-ish run was complete. My knee didn’t hurt, my hip didn’t hurt and my IT band didn’t hurt. I actually felt that I could keep on truckin’; however, I didn’t want toΒ push it too hard.


I feel like a runner again.


I won’t go into what makes a runner a runner, but after taking a long break from running, it is nice knowing that I can Β do it again with no pain. Insert super happy face! πŸ˜€

With everything said, I am going to take it easy and go with the flow. I won’t push myself or run every single day now. I am going to mix up my cardio between hiking, running, elliptical, etc.

Even though the weather is supposed to be even nicer today, I won’t push myself to run. I mean, yes I want too…I’ll be honest, but I know that I shouldn’t.

Have you battled an injury?

How did you overcome it?

Any tips for me?

XO, Tara





  1. I love that statement, “I feel like a runner again.” Injury recovery has definitely let me feeling like I’m not myself. I too did my first run Tuesday – 1 mile on the treadmill. It. Was. Awesome. I’m still a little sore this morning so it was hard not to hop on my bike for a spin (which I’ve been doing every other day). Fingers crossed my dr. has good recommendations today (I’m pain free but the range of motion still isn’t quite right).
    Best wishes, I hope you’ve reached that ‘turning point’ and are back in the game!

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