Summer Solstice = Painted/Naked Bike Ride

Fremont was the place to be on the first day of Summer. Tens of thousands of people flocked to Fremont to take part in the Summer Solstice festivities. If you haven’t experienced the Solstice Parade in Fremont, then you are missing out. It is something to see. You’ll see alot…literally.  It is a whole another world.

The festivities had the typical shops to look at, fried food stands, bands, beer gardens, a car show and the parade.

We started out day by walking around the shops, listening to the bands and looking at the interesting cars that showed up.


Yes, there was a “Car Phone.” Hilarious.


The “Lipstick Car”


Here comes the “Superman car” all the way from Texas. We actually chatted with the lady who drove the car up to Washington, she said it was quite entertaining. Could you imagine seeing this car in your rear view mirror?


He found his shop. Tye Dye Everything. Of course, he had to buy a new shirt (tye dye Seahawks colors).

After looking at the shops, it was time to go find our spot to stand on the street for the parade.


People actually bring couches and line the street corners with them. What a fantastic idea.


The parade begins with the Painted/Naked Bike Ride. Yes, some people paint their entire bodies and some just decide to ride a bike in their birthday suit. It was quite something to see (or not want to see).

10478265_10203943098194920_922521337_n 10466952_10203944987362148_1980111782_n

There were some very unique participants in the parade. Some I didn’t understand, but it was fun to watch.

Did I mention that the weather was perfect on the first day of Summer? I got pretty darn burnt on my face, chest and shoulders. Oweee!

We left the parade a little after 4 p.m. and headed to Bellevue Brewery for a cold beverage and snack, then ran a few errands before I headed out again to The Ram for a quite drink.

I was out like a light when I got home. Zzzzzz!

Have you been to a Solstice Parade?

How was your first day of Summer?

Have you seen any of these crazy cars?

Have a great Tuesday!

XO, Tara

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  1. The Fremont Solstice Parade is the BEST! My housemate is a stilt-walker, so she was in the Dia de Los Muertos/Alice in Winderland mash-up float!

    I keep saying that one year I’ll be brave enough to get myself painted and participate with the naked bikers…I always chicken out, though.

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