Build Those Guns

Everyone wants toned arms for the summer right? Adds to that dress or tank top look right? In the past few months, I’ve been working hard on toning my arms by focusing on the biceps, triceps and shoulders. I’ve seen a huge difference which is a plus. I can seem them gains!

I’ve learned that going heavier for shorter reps strengths our muscles faster…I could be wrong since I am no personal trainer or expert on gaining muscle. So lately, I’ve been trying to up my weight and reduce the reps.

Here is my latest workout for burning out my biceps. (Note: I do some weighted bicep curls prior to starting the workout)

 download (1)

I feel like the weak link when I say I used 15lbs for this workout, but after three rounds I was fatigued. Plus, like I mentioned I did prep for this workout and did some bicep curls after this workout just to make sure that I was extra fatigued. Makes sense right? I wanted to make sure that I couldn’t life anything for a few hours. Mission accomplished. 

Since my damn hip flexor/IT band/knee injury, I’ve been really good about lifting more which has been totally out of my comfort zone. Especially since I’ve gained weight…..gained muscle weight. Honestly, I’ve had issues adapting to this. Serious ISSUES. I’ve had to EAT more to gain MUSCLE in order to increase my metabolism to burn FAT. Make sense right? However, coming from someone who has had an eating disorder, it is hard to deal with. Looking back, why does FAT and EAT have to incorporate the same letters? Rude!

Anywho, I am proud that I am stronger and healthier! I’m able to run again and I know things will continue to change with the new modifications to my diet.

Do you have a lifting schedule for each week?

What are your bicep and tricep workouts?

Have you had a hard time with eating more when lifting weights?

XO, Tara



  1. For lifting, I usually try to do 1 day of back & biceps, 1 day chest, shoulders, and triceps, and 1 day lower body. Just to make sure I hit every muscle group. If I’m pressed for time that week though, I’ll just do a couple of total body exercises!

  2. I’m so terrible about strength training. I know that I SHOULD do it. Occasionally I’ll get super-motivated for about a month and hit the gym a whole bunch, but I’m very inconsistent. When I do remember to hit the gym I like doing compound exercises like chin ups, dips, and bent over row for my arms.

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