The Awkward Pair

My dinners over the last few nights have been quite interesting. Mostly because I am too fatigued to put any effort into my meals. Two nights in a row, I blended up a monster green protein smoothie and had a side of pretzels, cheese, pita chips, turkey and guacamole.




The Green Machine Shake. 

1 cup ice

1 cup water

1 scoop Vanilla Designer Whey

1 cup spinach

1/2 teaspoon xanthum gum

1 tablespoon PB2

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon stevia

Blend and demolish. 


Spicy is where its at and it is delicious….

And yes, I’ll have the smoothie and guacamole at the same time. Sounds disgusting right? Perhaps to most; however, I must be the 7% that finds it to be just fine. HA!

I hope that I am not the only one that gets super lazy when it comes to preparing dinner when you are completely and udderly drained. So drained that the idea of food is not appealing, but overall a necessity. This is where I’m at. So tired, wanting sleep, but also needing to feed my body so that it will make it through the next day.

Ok, enough with my two cents. It’s time for yet another day at trial, luckily its the home stretch!

Enjoy the day!

XO, Tara



Twelve Joyful Miles


Yes, this girl is still alive and kicking even after two 12 hours days. I never thought that I would be at the firm at the crack of dawn and work till nearly 6 pm. However, the experience has been great!! I cannot get into any details, but the experience has been a blessing. I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned from this case and use it in the future.

Long days mean that workouts are even more essential especially for clearing the mind and zoning out. That being said, lets rewind back to last Saturday. I knew that trial would begin Monday and I knew a long run would help clear my mind.

I decided that Marymoor would be a great place to let loose. Plus, its a flat paved path with trials on the side and plenty of water fountains. Why not work on my tan in the meantime? Done and done!

After twenty minutes, I was in the zone and feeling good. I decided that I wanted to run to the Woodinville/Bothell rest area which was about six miles from my starting place. Going back to basic math would mean my run would be 12 miles roundtrip. I haven’t ran 12 miles since the Mercer Island Half Marathon in MARCH! I can’t believe I said that. March?

But….I’ve been injured so I cannot beat myself up for that. I felt good during the run.



My family was shocked but applauded me for my long run. I took the rest of the day off…sitting on the couch and catching up on trashy TV of course. 😀 I earned it.

The run definitely helped me zone out and not worry about the upcoming week. Running has always been a stress reliever. Running is like my personal counselor.

Does running act like a counselor for you?

What activity helps you tune out when times get rough?

Any advice for me?

XO, Tara

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The Johnson Wedding

Let me just start off by saying how HAPPY I am for my oldest dearest friend Erika on tying the knot. I definitely had to hold in the tears when I saw her walking down the aisle.

What a fun wedding it was. Between the beautiful wedding, vows, booze, BBQ, more booze, dancing, and the rest is history.


“I do”


The venue was breath taking. It was held at Kelley Farms in Bonneylake, Washington.

008010 016 021

Yes, we had too….


And, we had to take a selfie.


The beautiful bride and groom.


The “Erika Special” was a hit…definitely got people loosen’d up. Then the unexpected happened……029

I caught the bouquet… I must find a boyfriend first….


Cheers to the beautiful bride.

039 040

After the drinks start flowing, it’s time to dance!

The rest of the night was full of dancing. I don’t typically dance, but you know the “Erika special” helped me out.

I had a marvelous time with my family at Erika and Josh’s wedding. It was beautiful and I am so happy for them. I’ve been given instructions to find the one since I am next to get married due to catching the bouquet. No pressure…. ekk!

Do you dance at weddings?

Outdoor or indoor weddings?

Have a great Tuesday!

XO, Tara

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Fun Facts Friday- Hike, Run, Tan and Repeat.

It’s been a really long time since I did a “Fun Facts Friday” post. I cannot believe that I’ve slacked off for over a month.

Anywho, after two days of gloomy cloudy rainy days, the SUN is BACK! Yippee! This will lead into my first fun fact…

1. The weather is looking beautiful and WARM for the next week plus.



2. Tonight, I’m going to a old friends wedding. I’m so happy for her. It should be a great time. I’ll make sure not to be a “bad” blogger and not take pics!

3. I made protein fluff cakes the other night. I’ve been seeing them on Instagram quite often and thought that I should give it a try. Let me know if you want the recipe! I really enjoyed it.


Lather it with some cookie butter and eat it up!



You can find it at your local Trader Joes. YUMMMMMM!

5. My goal for the weekend is to be outside as much as possible. Hike, run, tan and repeat. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Any hikes, runs or races on the agenda?

Do you like cookie butter?

 Have a great Friday!

XO, Tara

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Hello from the Big Apple!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Did you miss me?! Hope so! 😀

I won’t say the same for the rain that decided to make a comeback yesterday. Rain, rain, go away!

This week has been busy busy at work, especially due to the upcoming trial next week. Luckily, I’ll be shadowing my coworker, to gain trial experience. Two thumbs up!

With both of us gone all next week (except for Friday) that means we need to get as much done for our other cases as possible. Heck, no pressure there….

Let’s stop talking about work and get back to my latest trip back east.

You can catch my other recaps hereherehere, and here.

Last time I checked in about my vacation, I was praising about my running in the heat and humidity in New Jersey. While visiting my wonderful family (Hello Kate, Dana, Owen and Mira!) in New Jersey, my mom and I ventured into the Big Apple twice by ourselves.

Day 1: Central Park, Rockefeller Center and Times Square.


Artwork on the way into Central Park.

155 157154153144

Rockefeller Center


Much needed selfie


Times Square.



Day 2: World Trade Memorial Fountains, Canal Street, Little Italy and Soho.

214 215 218

It was an emotional time. 

After making a wrong turn and heading downtown instead of uptown, we finally made it to Canal Street and Little Italy (no photos…boo).

Did I mention we went downtown 10+ blocks before we realized what we did? Oh ya my feet were telling me. Other thank my feet cussing me out, I loved visiting NYC. I cannot wait to go back to visit NYC and New Jersey in years to come.


Especially to see these beautiful people!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my recaps of my much needed vacation!

Have you been to NYC or the east coast?

Do you like to travel? If so, where?

When on vacation, is there something you HAVE to do? Eat something? See something?

Have a marvelous Thursday!

XO, Tara

Cold showers

Humidity isn’t my friend.
While on vacation on the eastcoast, I had to try and get used to the humidity. It wasn’t too bad, but when it rained it got quite uncomfortable. That moment when you shower and can’t stop sweating afterwards is a problem. Especially after you go on a run. I’ll admit that I took a few cold showers just to cool down….only to start sweating again. Layer on the deodorant. Ekkk!
Anywho, I knew that I had to exercise on my vacation…I mean I cannot turn into a slob. I chose to run in the afternoon while in Gloucester and the temperature was around 85 and the humidity was a normal 80 percent. Boy was that a shocker.

However I was able to run on the boardwalk which had a beautiful view of the harbor.
Throughout my vacation, I ran as much as possible. I ran 26 miles in two weeks. I wish I ran more, but like I said the humidity and heat index was high which made it difficult to run longer distances. Plus, I don’t want to push myself to hard since my old injury seems to be healed.
Knock on wood!!


While visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins in New Jersey, I was able to get in a few longer runs. The course was pretty flat which was a bonus; however the 85% humidity at 8am was a struggle. I came back pretty gross….
Ehh, first world runner problems. Haha! 🙂
Overall, I’m happy that I was able to run while on vacation. I maintained my sanity….sort of. Although, it is important to find a balance while on vacation. Exercise isn’t everything all the time.
Do you exercise on vacation?
If so, what do you do?
Have a great weekend!! 😀

Back to Reality

I thought going back to work after being gone for two weeks would be easy. Boy, what was I thinking?! I must have been smoking. Just kidding! 😉 I knew it would be a shocker, but holy moly the emails.
Wednesday was my first day back and with minimal sleep, I was doomed from the get go. My flight the night before was delayed and delayed due to weather. Also, did I mention the crying children? Ugh!!!
Anywho, I had way to many emails and almost didn’t know where to start. But I sucked it up, drank a monster energy drink and got to it. I’m still not sure if I actually did anything all day except for read emails and determine what has or hasn’t been completed.
However, I won’t complain too much since my vacation was amazing. I managed to see so many people in my family whom I haven’t seen in years. And I don’t want to forget mentioning that I went to the Bronx Zoo again! My mom and aunt asked me what I wanted to do while visiting New Jersey. Take a guess at what I said? Check out the Bronx Zoo.
Last time I visited, we went to the Bronx Zoo and I absolutely loved it. It was a must for this trip.











I was in awe the entire time as well as sticky from the humidity. Lol!
After the zoo, we had a BBQ outside.

Just me and my cousin cheesin’. What a cutie!

Check out that beautiful shot of the super moon!
Stay tuned to hear all about the NYC visits.
Have you been to the Bronx zoo?
Have you traveled this summer? If so, where and what were the highlights?
How’s the weather where you are?
Xo, Tara