Hello Seafair.

How many of you went to Seafair this weekend? Any hands besides my own? *crickets…* HA!

What a beautiful weekend it was to celebrate Seafair in Seattle. I absolutely LOVE Seafair and unfortunately I haven’t been able to go as often as I’d like in the past years. Prior to the weekend, I kept asking my parents if they were interested and I kept getting the same response, “Well, perhaps but let’s see how the week goes.” I can understand that. I had a long week too, but I wanted to get out in the sun and watch hydroplanes out on Lake Washington along with the amazing Blue Angels.

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Hello, Blue Angels. They are amazing.

Seafair takes place along the Lake Washington Shore in Seattle. Thousands of fans/spectators gather along the shore to watch the hydroplanes race along with the airshows. It definitely brought back memories. Plus, we met up with alot of my step-dad’s friends who had prime spots to sit and watch.

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Of course, we had to venture down into the pits.

If you haven’t experienced Seafair….then you haven’t experienced life! 🙂 

I only say this, because it is to darn fun and I’ve grown up going. I hope to continue to make it a tradition. Watching the Blue Angels is completely worth it. Especially when it comes to fighting for a parking spot. Here’s a hint, FREE admission on Friday. More money in your pocket for beer, food and pit pass! SCORE!!!!

I loved Seafair 2014I wish I could have been on a boat this year, but oh well. I got my fix in and I am not complaining. 😀

The rest of the weekend involved the following: Driving to Sequim, going to Golden Gardens and grabbing a beer at

Maritime brewery. I highly recommend the spicy sweet corn & jalapeno chowder. 

On a hot day, the chowder may not have been the best idea, but I loved it.

Have you been to Seafair?

Do you watch the Hydroplane races?

Do you have a particular weekend that means alot to your city?

Time to get to work!

XO, Tara



  1. Fun fact: I went to high school with one of the Blue Angel pilots. Wish that could make me cool…but it doesn’t…it makes him cool though (knowing me makes him cool, not being a pilot 😉 )

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