This Is My Song

Happy Wednesday!

Am I the only one who wishes it was at least Thursday? Geeze, after being in trial all last week there is so much work to catch up on. What’s with that?!

Also, how is it August already? I mean I LOVE August since it is my Birthday month. I celebrate all month, duh! Shouldn’t we all? Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the Beaver Lake Triathlon like last year. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled due to funding. After over twenty years, I couldn’t believe it. That means I’ll have to find another race to do….maybe…

It’s been sometime since I’ve done a One Word Wednesday. The first Wednesday in August is a good day to get going again.



Please tell me you watch The Deadliest Catch? Okay, well if you need a download…the Wizard is one of the crabbing boats on the show and it was docked in Ballard, Washington.

IMG_0385 (1)


While driving the Z3 on Sunday, mom thought it would be fun to snap a quick picture of me. What a creeper! 😉

I overheard on the news today that the PNW aka Seattle area would be going through a “cooling” trend in the next few days. The “cooling” trend will look like this…



Let’s just say that where I live, the temperature is roughly 5-10 degrees warmer. BTW, I am not complaining, I LOVE the heat.

I’ve been loving me some COUNTY music. When the warmer weather comes, I tend to be drawn to the country music and I am completely okay with it. The latest country music songs have been off the charts. Give me some Luke Bryan and I’m one happy gal.



Absolutely obsessed with “Play It Again.” Hands down.

Did you catch Luke on the CMA Festival: Country’s Night last night? OMG, all my favorite bands/singers played. I was in heaven!!

Do you like Country music?

What is your favorite music?

Has the weather been crazy warm this summer? If so, do you like the heat?

We are closer to Friday, I can taste it!

XO, Tara



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