Book Club: Paper Towns Review

Back in June, I mentioned that I was going to start my own personal book club that would involve me, myself and I. Fortunately, I’ve managed to knock one book off my list. Yay for me.

After crying through The Fault In Our Stars (and the movie as well), I decided that it would be necessary to read some of John Green’s other novels. I quickly jumped into Paper Towns.


Paper Towns took me only a few days to finish while on vacation last month. I really enjoyed the book and John Green’s writing style. Yes, John Green’s novels may be a wee bit on the darker side at times, but I thoroughly appreciate someone taking a risk and going in that direction. If you’ve read some of his books then you’ll most likely understand where I am coming from.

Let’s get to my review of Paper Towns*Spoiler Alert*

The book is about Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spiegelman, two high school teens that grow up together in the same neighborhood, but are just neighbors.  Quentin secretly envy’s Margo’s adventurous side and yearns to become more than just a neighborhood friend. Everything changes one night when Margo shows up at Quentin’s window luring him to join her on a late night joy ride.  This joyride soon turns into an all-night prank on a number of individuals who Quentin thought were her friends.

The following day, Margo suddenly disappears only leaving clues for Quentin to find and decipher. Quentin soon brings his friends into the situation to help him find out where Margo went. After a few weeks of scaverging to find clues, Quentin finds a clue that is bigger than ever. He remembers Margo mentioning the term “paper towns” and discovers that there is a town in New York that she references as being called “paper towns.” He locates the general location of this so called town and gathers his friends on a long road trip. Oh, did I mention that this road trip begins on the evening of their high school graduation? Yes, it happens. Everyone piles into Quentin’s van and they drive hundreds of miles to find Margo.

After driving all night, the vans full of teenagers locate Margo. Unfortunately, Margo’s expression to them finding her isn’t what they thought it would be. Margo was in shock and confused why they would even come. Margo’s old best friend who joined in on the road trip was mad about Margo’s expression and couldn’t believe she would do this. After time, Quentin and Margo talk and he finds out that Margo hated their home state and was going to leave after graduation anyway. Quentin begins to understand that they are going in different directions and will never be together. They kiss and part ways.

Overall, I would give the book a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Unfortunately, I felt that the book dragged on longer than it should. At times, I wanted to skip a few chapters just to see what happened. Personally, I need to be sucked into a book to truly “love” it.

Since finishing Paper Towns, I’ve started reading another novel by John Green called Looking For Alaska.



Stay tuned for another review soon!

Have you read any of John Green’s novels?

If so, do you like his style?

What genre do you like?

Are you apart of any book clubs?

Have a great Thursday!

XO, Tara

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  1. Genre? I like books targeted for teens because they’re usually easy and quick reads 🙂 I also read The Fault in our Stars and have had Paper Towns on my to-read list. I skipped your review so I don’t spoil it, but good to know it drags on, I might save it for Fall/Winter.

  2. I liked Paper Towns, but did not love it. I’ve also read An abundance of Katherine’s, Looking for Alaska, and The Fault in our Stars. The Fault in our Stars and a Looking for Alaska were both better than Paper Towns in my opinion. I love his style. His books are quick reads, but very emotional and relatable. I basically like all genres, but romance and horror. I am not in a book club, but would like to be. Idk how well I’d balance it with studying for school in a few weeks though.

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