Crazy for Zucchini

ITZ FRIDAY!! {insert} Happy Dance!


Kk, enough with the uber cute dancing kitties, let’s talk zucchini. Is your garden going crazy with zucchini?? The zucchini plants in my parent’s garden are going wild. I went to check the garden on Wednesday evening and discovered something shocking.


Okay, I understand that it doesn’t look that big in the picture; however, take a guess at how long this baby was?


Let’s take a closer look.


Just shy of 20 inches long.  Holy moly batman.

Can this be a weapon? I honestly pondered this for a mere 2 minutes. It had some serious weight. What am I to do with a 20 inch long zucchini? Just take pictures and obsess over this massive vegetable? Apparently I’m one for one then. The first thing that comes to mind is to bake a ton of zucchini bread.

I did manage to pick some zucchini’s that were of normal size.


I was lucky enough to give some of the zucchinis away to some lucky families!

Whats on the books for this weekend? Lots of zucchini bread baking! Oh, and I forgot to mention I’m dog sitting once again for an entire week. I get to chill out with these munchkins…

013 014

Bring on the good ol’ times! With all the complaining that comes with it, I do enjoy watching them. 🙂

Along with dog sitting, I need to keep up with my training since I only have 8 more days until the Lake Sammamish Triathlon. I’ve been biking every day at the gym due to the weather not cooperating and I got a run in yesterday afternoon before the rain kicked in.

The count down is on.

What are your weekend plans?

Do you like zucchini?

Do you bake with zucchini?

Are you a enjoy growing veggies?

XO, Tara

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  1. Wow that’s a long zucchini!!!!This weekend I plan on going to the Farmers market and watching the Water and Air show in Chicago. 🙂 I love zucchini and the last thing I baked with zucchini was double chocolate zucchini bread. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. I have recently discovered a new (for me, anyway) way to eat zucchini. Slice it up (raw), scoop up some delicious hummus, eat, repeat…the repeat part is kind of a no duh once you taste the yumminess.

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