The Anytime Frozen Treat!

Howdy Ho!

Lately, I’ve been craving frozen yogurt like an animal. Like, seriously I may have a serious problem….IMG_4659

I’ve been lucky enough to try out a new product that I saw on Instagram called ProyoProyo is a high protein frozen yogurt treat that is nutritional, convenient and delicious.

Proyo was created by Nathan Carey who wanted to create a high-frozen yogurt that would contain all-natural ingredients, a great source of fiber, low in fat and soy and gluten free. He developed the perfect blend of healthy nutrition and amazing flavor that would appeal to people of all ages. Proyo comes in a variety of flavors that contain 20 grams of protein and only 160 calories.

vanilla products-popup-banana blueberry chocolate


I had no problem eating up  these babies in a flash. The handy tube makes complete sense. You’re able to walk around with the tasty treat with no mess.

anytime-popProyo has been named as the Anytime Frozen Treat and now I understand why!

Now, it is time for you to try out this delicious protein packed treat. Proyo can be found at a number of stores ranging from Whole Foods, Nugget Markets, Harvest Markets and many more. Click here to find a location closest to you!

Don’t forget to follow Proyo on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest for more information.

Have you tried Proyo?

Do you like frozen yogurt? What is your favorite flavor?

Do you crave frozen treats in the summer?

XO, Tara






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