Getting Those Gains!

I’ve caught the weight lifting bug.  It is very serious! Ever since I started taking weight lifting classes at  Sweat Equity, I’ve learned that I can really push myself. I love the fact that after each exercise, I am thoroughly fatigued. It makes me feel accomplished and stronger than I was when I entered the room.


I wouldn’t be able to do the same kind of “work” while at a normal gym.

Despite a feel bruises, I’ve already noticed that I am getting stronger every single day. Encouragement from others helps me complete every set.


Everyone wants to hear, “You got this girl. You’re a beast, get it.” I mean who wouldn’t? 😉

I’ve been informed that I need to reduce my cardio each week to just 30-45 minutes. Each cardio session should involve intervals or high intensity work. I don’t want to break down the muscle that I’ve gained. This is hard for me to hear, but if it will benefit me in the long run, then I’ll take it into consideration.

I was pumped yesterday when one of our exercises included running 6 laps around the building for time. I knew that I had this in the bag. I did pretty well overall, but I cannot wait to see how my times improve each week.

You know that I will be keeping you informed. 😀

When was the last time that you pushed yourself to the max?

Do you weight lift?

What is your favorite type of exercise?

XO, Tara

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  1. I love weight lifting but I also believe that if you LOVE to run or do cardio, then do it! Do them both! unless your goal is to be competitive in weight lifting, don’t give up what you love for just one form of exercise! I really think incorporating different types of exercise keeps you and your body from getting so burnt out.

  2. Totally agree with Liz. If you love running – then run. Really – unless you are really looking to make dramatic muscle size gains then don’t worry about it. However…your tastes may change themselves. I used to be big into running before I found weight training. Slowly I stopped running simply because I would rather lift. Looking back on that now – I don’t think it was a good choice. I am slow and don’t like cardio work anymore. So…with that said – sprints may be the way to go. I have started incorporating cardio back into my workouts and have noticed a difference both in how I feel and how I look…
    Best of luck to you. Lifting is a great obsession!

  3. Hey Tara, fabulous job!! You’re awesome and I seriously LOVE your excitement!! It definitely reads in your writing!! Way to go girl!! Awesome lifting!! 🙂
    I love lifting weights!! I’ve been lifting since 12-13 years old and it’s a big part of my week. Although I love running, swimming, yoga, I also really love lifting weights. It really makes me feel strong and in control!! Love that feeling! I weight lift 5-6 hours a week and definitely find it tiring some days, but I’ll never stop!! XOXO!! Happy Friday! Have a super weekend!! You’re amazing!

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