Four Facts Survey

Good Afternoon!

After a little hiccup this morning and finding out that my post never posted (and I didn’t save it),  I thought it would be a good idea do a fun survey that I was on Julie’s site this morning.

Four Facts Survey

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

  1. Tayray
  2. Punkin
  3. Taytay
  4. Tarze

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. Paralegal
  2. Legal Assistant
  3. Sales associate in a tanning salon
  4. Front desk coordinator

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  1. Finding Nemo
  2. Cars
  3. Fast 5
  4. Gone in 60 seconds

Four books I’d recommend:

  1. Divergent
  2. Cupcake
  3. Room
  4. If I Stay

Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Washington
  2. The Pacific Northwest
  3. Suburbs of Seattle
  4. To be determined…

Four places I’ve visited:

  1. Germany
  2. Paris, France
  3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  4. Whistler, British Columbia

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. Flywheel
  2. On a beach.
  3. Relaxing
  4. Traveling

Four things I prefer not to eat:

  1. Veggies
  2. Mangos
  3. Coconut
  4. Oysters

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Quest Bars
  2. Frozen Yogurt
  3. Seafood
  4. Turkey

Four TV shows I watch:

  1. The Following!
  2. Walking Dead
  3. Games of Thrones
  4. Sons of Anarchy

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1. Spending time with my family during the Holidays
  2. Snow!
  3. Holiday parties
  4. Baking sweets

Four things I’m always saying:

  1. “No worries!”
  2. “kk”
  3. “I’m on it.”
  4. “That’s gross”

Now it is your turn! Answer any of the above questions!

XO, Tara



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